Anan2008.10 Translation of Jin’s Interview

08.09.23 anan ranking


Most favourite – #3
Most wanted to be hugged by – #2
Most wanted to hug – #1
Most wanted lover – #2
Most sexy – #2


Unintentionally touching his fringes, from his cool expression to slowly showing a soft smile. Akanishi Jin, not realizing himself of how much a SEXY appearance he actually is. Although himself states that he “do not have any talent elements”, Why are we still bathed in his enchantment and wanting to hug him tightly?!
“If I’m with another person like me, I’d definitely think that this guy has a bad feeling (laugh). I don’t give a good first impression, that’s what both guys and girls had said. It’s probably because I don’t easily get around with people”
Though saying this, he has the personality to be with those that he trusts a really long time.
“I think I’m a warm person. I really treasure my family and friends. There might not be many, but those friends are truly what my life is. I have the thoughts of always keeping those that are important to me being joyful. It’s because of my private time that supports me when I’m working, this side of me will never be lost”
About this year’s national tour, themed about Akanishi-san’s powerful performance.
“Although I use up my energy very easily (laugh). I really love to sing and dance. Recently I’m beginning to see where I truly stand, somehow I can relax more when I’m actually working. A lot of the fans understands too about my personality, and I realize there are a lot that are looking after me. I’m truly thankful. Without fans, ‘Akanishi Jin’ will not exist”
Slowly working towards being himself. He seems to be rarely getting nervous being at work.
“I’ll only get nervous when I’m close to a girl I like (laugh). Ah, if there seem to be amorousness on me, it must be that I’m thinking about these things right? Guys are like that (laugh)”

credits to st. anime

Jin has a Date!!!

According to Friday, the gossip magazine, Jin and “a pretty model-type girl” had dinner together at a well-known steak house. But it turns out, she’s not just any pretty girl, she’s Nishiyama Maki, a Cancam model who also does some radio and TV stuff (mostly about sports). Fans tracked her down when they noticed she had posted pictures on her blog where she’s wearing the same outfit as the girl in the Friday pics (the blog pics have since been removed). Nishiyama appeared on Cartoon KAT-TUN about a year ago (eipsode 21, available subbed on the various KT communities).

A stupid Shanghai Drama used Kame’s pic as a Funeral Pic!!!!

A drama series in Shanghai has used Kamenashi Kazuya’ s pic for a funeral pic. When the chinese fangirls saw that, they inquired it to the network about this matter. The director claimed that he just took it from online and he does’nt know that it was Kamenashi Kazuya.

Here’s the pic

 How come the director does’nt know that, that was Kamenashi Kazuya. It was obvious it was taken from the magazine Popolo072008(I think the director searched some pics of Kame and decidedly took it to used for his stupid drama!!!) How dare of him!!! He did’nt think that Kame will be hurt if he sees that!!(Be ashame of yourself man!!!)

Many angry fans have been calling the studio and asked for the apology of the director. But the director insisted that he will not apologise for this whole incident because he really does’nt know that it was Kame. The fans decided to let this be known by the Japanese Media if he continues to deny that incident.

Right now, someone claims that he is the one who picked the picture of Kame not the director and  meant no harm to Kame…

He still claiming that he meant no harm and he was sorry for what had happened. He even said that he will quit job that he love the most!!! I don’t believe that this guy is sincere because if he was really sincere he should have posted his apology in the newspaper!!!

I’m so pissed off when I read this news and even more pissed off when I saw the pics. It was so disgusting. I hate those people who are involve in this incident. I hate those of them because of their ignorance arghh and they are narrow minded!!! tsk tsk tsk. They should confirm it first if the picture they had taken was a popular actor before they use it. They dont mind the feelings of the people around Kame and Kame’s feelings too if they see the pictures.  What will you do if you saw the pics of yourself, used as a funeral pic? As usual you will be hurt and at the same time will be angry!!!. I think those guys just wanted to make fun of Kame. Arggh I really hate them for doing that thing to Kame. If they have conscience and if they are sincere they should have apologise to Kame directly and not from the fans. I hope that Kame does’nt saw the pics because he will be hurt and I dont want Kame to be hurt and at the same time sad. 😦

Bonding with my friends

My friends and I went to SM Marikina. We’re so happy because we took pictures of ourselves in many places there and we had bonding moments together hehehe. We took pictures in cinema and in National Bookstore. My classmate took a picture of herself and the background was the poster of Quantum Solace. I wanted to take a picture too in that poster because you know I like James Bond 007 movies but Im so shy at that time because of the people, they’re staring at us and that’s what I hate. When we were in the National Bookstore my friend saw a book entitled Crimes of the Sarah’s ahhaa it was so funny because there’s my name in it heheheh. My friend said that I should take a picture holding that book haha and then I did it. And then my friends said that i should post like I’m hancuffed hahaha because in the cover of the book there were three girls that are handcuffed. After that we searched for some places that we can take pictures of ourselves. It was a little bit embarrasing because some people always glaring at us whenever we take pictures.. It’s so disgusting people looking at you when you take pictures so what if we take pictures?! hmp! At that time I’m so hungry waaaah. Im so unfortunate at that time because I just only have Php60.00 waah pity me lol. I didnt take alot of money because I dont want to be broke because its hard if you dont have enough money right???

And then we sitted in some place there and there’s a tree in it. It’s so cute heheh. Then I realized that the tree was fake nyahahah!!!! We again took a picture of ourselves in that place. And then there’s a girl inside the Pizza Hut kept staring at us. Arggh what the heck!!! Really hate it!!!  so disgusting!!! Anyway we did a lot of picture taking there and it was alot of fun and I enjoyed taking pictures of my classmates ^_^

Picspam: Chibi Kat-Tun

This really made my day waaaah. haha… took sometime to see all though.. but it was so worth it… seeing their cute baby pictures!! and the not so baby ones…They’re so cute when they are kiddo’s then haha and more cute now!!! But you know what, I cant really believe that they are the Kat-Tun before nyahaha because they change a lot. They’re so cute before and now they’re so kakoii!!! Oh by the way there are rumours before that Kat-Tun specially Kame and Jin have undergone plastic surgery but I dont believe those rumours. If really they have undergone plastic surgery I dont care!! No matter what happen I will still support them no matter what because I love them!!!!

This are the pics I searched in the internet…

Group Chibi Pic “The Best Boyband Ever”




Kame “The Cutest Turtle in the World” Chibi Pics




Jin “Bakanishi Power!!!!” Chibi Pics

Junno “The Killer Smile” Chibi Pics


Koki “The rapper of the group” Chibi Pics





Ueda “The Mysterious guy in Kat-Tun” Chibi Pics



Nakamaru “The Human Beat Box”



Kat-Tun III Queen of Pirates

Track Listing


2. Keep the Faith

3. Affection ~Mou Modorenai~  (AFFECTION ~もう戻れない~)





8. Yorokobi no Uta (喜びの歌)

9. 「un-」

10. OUR STORY ~Prologue~ (OUR STORY ~プロローグ~)

11.  Nannen Tattemo (何年たっても)

12. SHOT

13. 12 o’clock

14. Ai no Command (愛のコマンド)




Cartoon Kat-Tun II You

Cartoon Kat-Tun II You(Regular and First Press Edition)

Track Listing


2. Peak

3. Splash

4. Bokura no Machi de (僕らの街で)

5. Make U Wet

6. Key of Life


8. Jumpin’ Up

9. SAMURAI*LOVE*ATTACK (サムライ☆ラブ☆アタック)


11. Someday for Someboy

12. Movin’ On

13. Utai Tsuzukeru Toki (うたいつづけるとき)

14. YOU




Cartoon Kat-Tun II You (Limited Edition bonus EP)



Track Listing


1. Freeze












7. Peacefuldays



Best Of Kat-Tun


Track Listing

1. She Said…

2. Never Again

3. I Like It

4. Miracle

5. Blue Tuesday

6. Rhodesia

7. Gold

8. Wilds of My Heart

9. Special Happiness]

10. One on One

11. Butterfly

12. Rush of Light

13. Harukana Yakusoku (ハルカナ約束)

14. Precious One

15. Real Face #1




The Most Handsome Man in Asia

Kame rank 4th gosh im so happy that he  managed to ranked in “The Most Handsome Man in Asia”. Im so proud of him even though he ranked 4th goshness he really deserves this ^_^. But it’s amazing if he ranked 1st waahahaha because of his hotness hahaha. This is proof that Kamenashi Kazuya is super famous in Asian Countries(I hope that he will be famous here in the Philippines also^_^).

Congratulations Kame for ranking 4th in The Most Handsome Man in Asian and also for winnig in The Best Jeanist 2008. I will always support you and your band. Ganbatte!!!!


Oh I forgot Yamashita Tomohisa gomen ne… really really happy for him too. Waaah why why why he only ranked 7th?! hehehehe but it’s ok rather than not being ranked right??. In my opinion his hotter than those who are in the top of  him except Kame hahaha(Kame is way too cute than him lol ). 


 Omedatou Yamapi chan for ranking 7th!!! Hope you win more awards!!! Goodluck to your drama “Code Blue”. I will always support you, the way I support Kame chan and his band.


Travia today….

Vote from fans started January at Xingkong Weishi China (Starring Sky) satellite broadcast.

The Top 10 Most Handsome Man in Asia

1. Hero

2. Jerry Yan

3. U-know

“4. Kamenashi Kazuya”

5. Jimmy Lin

6. Vic Chou

“7. Yamashita Tomohisa”

8. Hankyang

9. Joe Cheng

10. Wu Zhun


Junno has a girlfriend

Well well the one that i read last month about Junno Taguchi is definitely wrong waahh. I realy thought that Junno has no girlfriend in his entire life but I was wrong!!!!! I read a while ago in another blog site that Junno and Komine Rena are dating and according to that blog that Komine Rena is Junno’s alleged girlfriend! I really cant believe it!!! Komine Rena is 5 years older that Junno Taguchi goshness *sigh*. Im a little bit jealous but happy because  Junno findly found someone for him. I wish that this girl will be good to Junno and love him for real not just flirting(im gonna kill her if she’s not serious with her relationship with Junno)  

This is the picture that I got from the blogsite but these pics were old:

And this are some info about them that I read in some blogsite:

“So, last year stuff came out about Taguchi dating Komine Rena and then… poof it was over. But our friends over at Bubka got the scoop on what’s happening with them now. On a certain evening in August, which they say was 2 days after KAT-TUN wrapped things up at The Dome making it the 7th(?), Junno, wearing his hat low to cover his eyes, was spotted going into a famous yakiniku restaurant and running up to the second floor.
A low hat and running. Right, pay no attention to the galloping giant underneath the cap.

A few moments before, it just so happens actress Komine Rena was seen going into the same place, but unlike Junno, she wasn’t wearing any hats or sunglasses or acting in any way to keep herself from being discovered. She was with some dude carrying a skateboard. I don’t know why that’s important but that’s what it said.

Turns out Junno, Komine, Sk8er Boi, and a middle-aged man and woman were there having a little get together. They enjoyed a meal and it was all nice and happy. After a couple hours the party broke up. Junno, Komine, and Sk8er Boi drove off together.

After the two got Friday’d last September, Junno and Komine broke up but have kept in contact and now it looks like they’re back together. But wait, there’s more. Right after this dinner party, Junno and Komine travelled to some island together where they were seen by someone who later wrote about the sighting in their blog at mixi: “There were some celebs sitting over by the hotel’s bbq – actress Komine Rena and Taguchi Junnosuke of KAT-TUN. They were kissing and acting very lovey dovey.” -from Uwasako

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