Bonding with my friends

My friends and I went to SM Marikina. We’re so happy because we took pictures of ourselves in many places there and we had bonding moments together hehehe. We took pictures in cinema and in National Bookstore. My classmate took a picture of herself and the background was the poster of Quantum Solace. I wanted to take a picture too in that poster because you know I like James Bond 007 movies but Im so shy at that time because of the people, they’re staring at us and that’s what I hate. When we were in the National Bookstore my friend saw a book entitled Crimes of the Sarah’s ahhaa it was so funny because there’s my name in it heheheh. My friend said that I should take a picture holding that book haha and then I did it. And then my friends said that i should post like I’m hancuffed hahaha because in the cover of the book there were three girls that are handcuffed. After that we searched for some places that we can take pictures of ourselves. It was a little bit embarrasing because some people always glaring at us whenever we take pictures.. It’s so disgusting people looking at you when you take pictures so what if we take pictures?! hmp! At that time I’m so hungry waaaah. Im so unfortunate at that time because I just only have Php60.00 waah pity me lol. I didnt take alot of money because I dont want to be broke because its hard if you dont have enough money right???

And then we sitted in some place there and there’s a tree in it. It’s so cute heheh. Then I realized that the tree was fake nyahahah!!!! We again took a picture of ourselves in that place. And then there’s a girl inside the Pizza Hut kept staring at us. Arggh what the heck!!! Really hate it!!!  so disgusting!!! Anyway we did a lot of picture taking there and it was alot of fun and I enjoyed taking pictures of my classmates ^_^


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