A stupid Shanghai Drama used Kame’s pic as a Funeral Pic!!!!

A drama series in Shanghai has used Kamenashi Kazuya’ s pic for a funeral pic. When the chinese fangirls saw that, they inquired it to the network about this matter. The director claimed that he just took it from online and he does’nt know that it was Kamenashi Kazuya.

Here’s the pic

 How come the director does’nt know that, that was Kamenashi Kazuya. It was obvious it was taken from the magazine Popolo072008(I think the director searched some pics of Kame and decidedly took it to used for his stupid drama!!!) How dare of him!!! He did’nt think that Kame will be hurt if he sees that!!(Be ashame of yourself man!!!)

Many angry fans have been calling the studio and asked for the apology of the director. But the director insisted that he will not apologise for this whole incident because he really does’nt know that it was Kame. The fans decided to let this be known by the Japanese Media if he continues to deny that incident.

Right now, someone claims that he is the one who picked the picture of Kame not the director and  meant no harm to Kame…

He still claiming that he meant no harm and he was sorry for what had happened. He even said that he will quit job that he love the most!!! I don’t believe that this guy is sincere because if he was really sincere he should have posted his apology in the newspaper!!!

I’m so pissed off when I read this news and even more pissed off when I saw the pics. It was so disgusting. I hate those people who are involve in this incident. I hate those of them because of their ignorance arghh and they are narrow minded!!! tsk tsk tsk. They should confirm it first if the picture they had taken was a popular actor before they use it. They dont mind the feelings of the people around Kame and Kame’s feelings too if they see the pictures.  What will you do if you saw the pics of yourself, used as a funeral pic? As usual you will be hurt and at the same time will be angry!!!. I think those guys just wanted to make fun of Kame. Arggh I really hate them for doing that thing to Kame. If they have conscience and if they are sincere they should have apologise to Kame directly and not from the fans. I hope that Kame does’nt saw the pics because he will be hurt and I dont want Kame to be hurt and at the same time sad. 😦


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  1. kame pi said,

    September 23, 2008 at 5:58 pm

    i honestly dnt mid seeing his picture there. I actually like reading every news about him. Since the concert and one pound, i really miss reading articles about him. Please write more articles about him. please please.

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