Anan2008.10 Translation of Jin’s Interview

08.09.23 anan ranking


Most favourite – #3
Most wanted to be hugged by – #2
Most wanted to hug – #1
Most wanted lover – #2
Most sexy – #2


Unintentionally touching his fringes, from his cool expression to slowly showing a soft smile. Akanishi Jin, not realizing himself of how much a SEXY appearance he actually is. Although himself states that he “do not have any talent elements”, Why are we still bathed in his enchantment and wanting to hug him tightly?!
“If I’m with another person like me, I’d definitely think that this guy has a bad feeling (laugh). I don’t give a good first impression, that’s what both guys and girls had said. It’s probably because I don’t easily get around with people”
Though saying this, he has the personality to be with those that he trusts a really long time.
“I think I’m a warm person. I really treasure my family and friends. There might not be many, but those friends are truly what my life is. I have the thoughts of always keeping those that are important to me being joyful. It’s because of my private time that supports me when I’m working, this side of me will never be lost”
About this year’s national tour, themed about Akanishi-san’s powerful performance.
“Although I use up my energy very easily (laugh). I really love to sing and dance. Recently I’m beginning to see where I truly stand, somehow I can relax more when I’m actually working. A lot of the fans understands too about my personality, and I realize there are a lot that are looking after me. I’m truly thankful. Without fans, ‘Akanishi Jin’ will not exist”
Slowly working towards being himself. He seems to be rarely getting nervous being at work.
“I’ll only get nervous when I’m close to a girl I like (laugh). Ah, if there seem to be amorousness on me, it must be that I’m thinking about these things right? Guys are like that (laugh)”

credits to st. anime


  1. (A)Yumi said,

    October 1, 2008 at 11:28 am

    THANX for translate!
    He is so sweet..^___^..

  2. centrum said,

    December 14, 2008 at 7:53 am

    yahoo! jin ….congrats! you deserve it man. the hard work and the target of the paparazzi has really paid off. proud of you jin

  3. erika said,

    June 2, 2009 at 2:18 pm

    well… that’s great jin!! you a kind of honest person thats better than just keep pretending. All of the fan need to except you the way you are, right?? however i notice you the kind of diferent one, aren’t you?? so, keep up the way you are right and of course you deserve whatever you have now. ganbatte.. chiao

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