[J-web] Junno ~ KAT-TUN Manual Vol.31

Junno ~ KAT-TUN Manual Vol.31  

(He played with words again.
This time AMAGUCHI = sweet, and KARAGUCHI = spicy)



Season starts to change now.
The weather is very nice today.
What am I doing for the nice break like this?
I am playing billiards.
Well,…it is nothing related to the weather at all, huh?
There are about 50 of us in this billiards tournament.
Yonehana-kun (MA) also joins the tournamnet.

I still have time before my turn,
so I will just keep writing this then.
It is 11AM right now.
I am going for the first game now.

Well, it is 11:47AM.
I lost though.
Next will be the game for those who lost before.
I have to try my best.

It is 12:25PM.
The game for those who lost in the first round,
I finally made it!
However, if I lost again, I will not able to play anymore for this tournament.
I gotta try my best.

he did pretty well.
I wonder what rank he is now.

It is 1:40PM.
The first round went well because the other competitor did not do so well.
I’m waiting for the next round.
Yonehana-kun seems to meet up with the tough competitor,
so I am watching to cheer him.

Right now is 4:00PM.
I had been waiting for so long, but
I finally lost.
So did Yonehana-kun.
We are heading home right now.
It was nice that I got a chance to compete with lots of people on the day with nice weather like this.

Well, what should I do tomorrow then?

Credit: KEN’s Board


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