Koki ~ KAT-TUN Manual Vol.31

Koki ~ KAT-TUN Manual Vol.31 

This is Tanaka from countryside.
I am in trouble right now…
’cause I have nothing to write about.
Hey! I do have one.
I went to Ueda’s solo concert.


Just a second.
The lucky people today is those with blood group B.
That’s nice.

What’s else?
Oh, yes.
Ueda was so cool.
He was really an entertainer.
Dam it!
It was so much fun.
I like Ueda’s songs.

Kame-chan hasn’t answer my e-mail yet.
so shock.
When we meet later, I am sure he will ask “is that Koki’s e-mail?”.
Can’t you just record my number in your mobile?

I have got nothing about myself to write here?
’cause I haven’t done anything yet.

Oh, I went out for Hamburger with my younger brothers.
These kids seem to behave nice these days.
When I was as young as them, I have never said “Thanks for the treat, it is very delicious”.

And I helped my Dad’s friend moving.

And I like Rock songs these days.
I also listen to the old rock songs.
I really like Sid Vicious.

The more I know, the more I like.
I really wanna be like Sid Vicious.
I want to sing more rock songs.

And I also went to Taguchi’s, Yokohama’s, Kamisato’s and Kusano’s houses.

Right now…I am looking at Rice with Pork.
I am thinking about having it.
I am eating now.

Credit: KEN’s Board


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