KAT-TUN Kamenashi drunk and causing trouble

ccording to the article from Daily Sports

Kamenashi Kazuya got drunk and had a quarrel with the taxi driver, which got out of hand, resulting in police being called in.

The trouble happened on Oct 23rd’s early morning. Kamenashi was returning home by taxi, but he misunderstood that the driver was taking the wrong route. He then told the driver that the road was wrong, and they both alighted the taxi and had an aggressive quarrel.

There was no violence involved but the passerby which witnessed the happening was shocked and called the police. Kamenashi was then picked up from the police station and was sent back by the company’s staff. Days later, it was made known that the route was actually correct and Kamenashi apologized to the driver. The driver too accepted his apology.

Kamenashi’s lawyer said “there was no lawsuit involved, and the other party understands as well”. Kamenashi himself is extremely remorseful towards the incident.


Drunken Kame

This past summer Kame and Koki were spotted together hangin at club “M” in Shibuya. But unlike Koki, who was having a good time and high-fiving black guys (yes, it does say that), “Kame was so drunk he passed out on the street.”
Yes, those are two very different activities.

Back in January, Kame had another drunken incident when he paid a vist bar to a bar run by a cross-dressing man. Oh yes, it gets better.

He was already drunk when he began throwing back the Jinro soju, a drink similar to vodka. He revealed that he was in KAT-TUN and, with total drunk eyes, was all, “gimme more.” The proprietress, or Mama, of the place got carried away and gave him 4 or 5 times more Jinro than she normally would.

After about 10 drinks Kame’s pretty much gone. But not so far gone that he can’t ask for a little lovin.
“Nee~ kiss me.” What’s that you say, Kame? This little request was directed towards Mama, who, I remind you, is male. Mama’s reaction? “I get to kiss an idol. What a great opportunity.” LOL And so they did. 5 times. And these weren’t no pecks. They were, and I quote, “passionate” kisses. After that he went back to talking to the other costumers like he had been before.

Suddenly he turned into Crazy Drunken Kame shouting, “What the hell’d you say that for?! Don’t fuck with me!” and grabbed a dude by his collar. The guy had said something about Kame’s mother. Judging from Kame’s reaction you’d think the guy called her a slut or something but no, it was really some silly, childhood taunt that had no real meaning (other than a possible flirtation…): “Your mom’s belly button sticks out.”
Dude. He said Kame’s mom had an outtie. If that doesn’t deserve a beatdown, I don’t know what does.

Of course Kame being so incredibly loaded took it the wrong way. Hmm… a misunderstanding. Where have I heard that before?

Mama looked at the enraged Kame and said, “Instead of KAT-TUN they should be called PUT-TUN (puttsun – crazy).”

Kamenashi to star in “Kami no Shizuku”

Next season, NTV is airing a live-action drama based on Tadashi Agi‘s popular wine-themed manga “Kami no Shizuku.” The drama series will star KAT-TUN’s Kazuya Kamenashi in his first salaryman role.

The original manga is currently running in Kodansha’s Weekly Morning magazine. The story revolves around a young man whose father, a world-famous wine critic, suddenly dies. In order to take over his father’s vast wine collection, he must face off against his adopted brother in a contest to find specific wines, even though he originally has no knowledge of wines.

“Kami no Shizuku” will run in NTV’s Tuesday 10:00pm time slot, starting in January.

AKANISHI JIN and KOKI TANAKA being suspect in using drug? o.0

it stated that jin was suspected to be involve in keeping drug as the police
found 0.7g of drug in a tennis player and 22yr old ex AV girlfriend’s apartment last wednesday and the tennis player admit that he sniff the drug every night.

jin, pi, ryo, yu and the tennis player like to hang around in one of the bar in tokyo every night and even form a group call “AKANISHI group”, so they had a very good relationship.

now, the tennis player and the AV girlfriend’s friends are listed in the suspect list of having drugs. This made akanishi jin more suspicious. Even Koki who has dated the ex AV girl
is also in the suspect list.

Yuichi Nakamaru as a main actor for the first time in New Drama Rescue!!!

Nakamaru Yuchi from KAT-TUN who is given the main role at the regular drama for the first time will act Daichi Kitajima(北島大地), who became a fireman because of his experience to be rescued by the rescue rangers in his childhood and is trying to become a ranger of the Special Hyper Rescue with struggling with his trauma.
Takahisa Masuda from NEWS will be Yutaka Tezuka(手塚豊) who is a close friend of Daichi and is also a candidate of the Special Hyper Rescue.
In addition Yusuke Yamamoto, Jun Kaname, Ryo Ishibashi, and Ken Ishiguro will be on it.

Daichi Kitajima(Nakamaru) started his career as a fireman, but because of his past trauma, before being the rescue ranger, he couldn’t get used to the hard work of the fireman and he couldn’t work well at all.
However, the captain of the Special Hyper Rescue noticed on the hidden talent of him….
Suddenly Daichi was chosen to be a trainee of the Special Hyper Rescue.
The gap between the ideal at the human rescue and the reality, the mistakes by his immaturity and the dilemma… through the communication with his fellows such as Yutaka Tezuka(Takahisa Masuda) and the trainers/superiors, Daichi is going to grow up as a rescue ranger, as a human being, and as a man.

This story will be held in Yokohama, and will be divided into 2 parts, ‘Training part’ which shows the youthful days and failure of the young members training hard to be the rangers of the Special hyper Rescue and the love of Daichi, and ‘Rescue part’ showing their work at the actual disaster places and the impression at the human rescue.

With the total help by Yokohama City Safety management Bureau, this drama will move you by showing the passionately burning youth and the importance of life.
The NEW HERO devoting himself into human rescue is born!

Rescue will start on January 9, 2009 on TBS Saturday at 8:00pm

credits to masuda_takahits@lj

{J-WEB} Jin – KAT-TUN Manual Vol. 32

Jin – KAT-TUN Manual Vol. 32

It’s a day early, but
happy halloween

How does everyone spend Halloween

This is Akanishi.

It’s exciting to think about what costume I’ll wear this year. -o-

Those who go to parties or celebrate, please enjoy yourselves.

Ah, I’m going to be in a movie. -o-

I think there are people who already know, but definitely check it out.

Well then, today, I’ll stop here.
I have to go back to work. ciao

Random News about Kame

In the newest issue of the Cawaii! Magazine, the high school male students vote for “The Coolest Artist” and Kame was the 3rd. It was said that the 1st one is Mizushima Hiro followed by Takuya Kimura.

Also, someone post this on mixi, saying that Kame went to watch a competition in Chiba. It got to do with motorcycle. It was said that Kame knows one of the contestant.

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[Translation] Popolo 2008/12 Taguchi Junnosuke

Taguchi Junnosuke
“I feel that if you overcome distress, you’ll be able to grow.”

-Sad Love

I used to admire those bittersweet loves when I was a middle or high school student but now I want to try a dramatic passion like those shown on Korean Doramas. “The both of us will overcome suffering together” kind of feeling. Experiencing that kind of love, I have the feeling will make us both grow up.
Recently, I cried watching the digest version of “Fuyu no Sonata” (Winter Sonata). Wanting to see the one you love but not being able to see him/her is often shown in doramas but it’s still very painful. Lately, people feel lonely if they don’t have someone to love but that’s not my case. Whether there is or isn’t someone, I try to have fun by myself. I would rather be in love because there are emotions shared but as well as you have enjoyableness you also have hardships which can become many.

-Not wanting to be sad

However, if I can’t meet her or talk to her I am not the type who gets jealous because I want to believe in the person I love. I, myself, am not a person who gets angry so I won’t fight either. If something happens I think the best is to talk things out. I don’t usually have discords with the person I like when I am in love.
That’s why, even though I cry watching Korean doramas, if such distress were to happen in reality and my partner was sad, my ideal love would be one without sadness. In my opinion, number one happiness is to be ordinarily together.

[Translation] Popolo 2008/12 Ueda Tatsuya

Ueda Tatsuya
“Even if you break up, memories won’t ever be cut apart.”

-Cool Love

For me, a sentimental love has no edge. I don’t have experience of the drama of being harshly dumped or of the sadness of an unreturned love… Maybe I face love with a cool attitude. I don’t think I am the type who gets really close with the partner or who is totally taken by love. Thus, I don’t know whether I’ll cry or not due to love.
Furthermore, instead of the type who cooks for oneself I fall majorly for the opposite. Then, when we date, the cost of all won’t become too high.*

-Goodbye tears

But, nevertheless, it’s not like I don’t have any really sad memory of a love. Well, however that’s a secret.
For example if I like someone in the future and the time when have to accept a break up comes, I think I’ll definitely be sad. To be rejected, even if I am the one rejecting there will be the so called “Farewell Tears.” Because the love feelings I have for the person who became my beloved one died, that doesn’t mean memories will be completely disconnected. Sentiments or the recollections we had so far are still there, right?
When the “break-up talk” comes about and we see the other person’s tears, I find that difficult.
But well, if it’s possible, next time, I don’t want to hurt the other.

[Translation] Popolo 2008/12 Tanaka Koki

Tanaka Koki
“An unrequited love is not a mistake but a textbook connected to the future.”

-I won’t show my tears

Of course I have also shed tears about love. Because boys are strong in the physical matters the weak part of emotions will surely wait. That said, maybe girls are stronger in that aspect.
However, I won’t ever cry in front of people. If there’s someone around, because of my poor condition, I’ll rush into the toilet. But if I am in a room alone, then I’ll definitely cry.

-Confessions of a past honorable defeat.

When you are in an unrequited love you really get a complicated state of mind. But I think it’s not good if I, as a man, am not able to attack. So I go forward even if towards an honorable defeat and with a past behind. If there are any obstacles in the way I’ll be like reborn with the power to overcome them. It’s definitely better to confess instead of regretting the fact I wasn’t able to do it. I’ve intended on doing it 3 times, creating a powerful memory while saying “I’ll absolutely make you love me”.
If love comes to be worn out, that’s hard. However when that’s the result of having devoted yourself with full power to the other, I can say with confidence that there’s nothing else to do but get over it. Yet, even if love got worn out that is not a mistake. Not overcoming a past heartbreak will bring you only sad love. For life in the future, the past is like a textbook. I think while you don’t lose to past loves, better passions will happen in your life.

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