[Translation] Popolo 2008/12 Kamenashi Kazuya

Kamenashi Kazuya
“Inside all the happiness of love there’s also sadness”

-Fruitless Love

In my student days, I was once dumped after confessing my love but there wasn’t any strange or sad feeling about that. Even now, in those bittersweet adolescent passions, I’ll rather recall the good memories.
If by chance, those sad memories exist; facing love with progression instead of rejection may make more love opportunities come out. When you are in love, there are many happy times but within that pleasure there’s also sadness, how should I put it….Such things as the loneliness of wanting to see the person you love but not being able to do so, because you have someone to love that also carries feelings with it, right. Put it that way, maybe that’s harder than sadness…

-Emotional Break-up

For example, I can surely say that when you break up with someone there’s pain involved but if there’s any reason for that and there’s mutual consent the result can’t be helped, isn’t it? That’s not a sudden farewell. However, if I love her and break-up with her while feeling I have to say goodbye but can’t bring myself to do it, I’ll be certainly sad to the point of crying. If with this we became friends, despite being physically away from each other that wouldn’t be an emotional separation. (As in even though you are not with the person as your lover, you still have love feelings –friendship feelings- towards him/her)
But I think this feeling’s sway walks together with passion. Once you become sentimental there are surely tons of sad memories you will recall but even so I still find it’s better to fall in love.


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