[Translation] Popolo 2008/12 Nakamaru Yuichi

Nakamaru Yuichi
“In my frail awakening of love I couldn’t even speak to the girl I liked.”

-One way unrequited love

During junior high school I’ve always had an unrequited love for a girl. Of course I wished it would become a mutual love but those days I was so shy I couldn’t even speak to the girl I liked. Thus, I regret my points in that. If I had made up my mind that time and had been able to talk to that girl who knows if the result wouldn’t be different now.
But looking back now I think it’s fine the way it happened. That girl made my heart beat very fast when I was in junior high school, thus I can talk about that now.

-Crying aloud in the movie theater

In my case, though I have been moved to tears while watching a movie, such thing hasn’t happened with love. Still, there’s an episode about love with tears included…
In the past I went with the person I liked watching “Titanic”. Because I was unexpectedly touched I cried a lot. I cried so much that was impossible to go eating with her after it. I think that part of me really surprised her; I can’t even remember what we were talking about. That’s how much I cried…
Concerning the result it was a disappointing but it’s still a cute memory, right? Time can find a settlement to all deplorable memories.


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