[Translation] Popolo 2008/12 Tanaka Koki

Tanaka Koki
“An unrequited love is not a mistake but a textbook connected to the future.”

-I won’t show my tears

Of course I have also shed tears about love. Because boys are strong in the physical matters the weak part of emotions will surely wait. That said, maybe girls are stronger in that aspect.
However, I won’t ever cry in front of people. If there’s someone around, because of my poor condition, I’ll rush into the toilet. But if I am in a room alone, then I’ll definitely cry.

-Confessions of a past honorable defeat.

When you are in an unrequited love you really get a complicated state of mind. But I think it’s not good if I, as a man, am not able to attack. So I go forward even if towards an honorable defeat and with a past behind. If there are any obstacles in the way I’ll be like reborn with the power to overcome them. It’s definitely better to confess instead of regretting the fact I wasn’t able to do it. I’ve intended on doing it 3 times, creating a powerful memory while saying “I’ll absolutely make you love me”.
If love comes to be worn out, that’s hard. However when that’s the result of having devoted yourself with full power to the other, I can say with confidence that there’s nothing else to do but get over it. Yet, even if love got worn out that is not a mistake. Not overcoming a past heartbreak will bring you only sad love. For life in the future, the past is like a textbook. I think while you don’t lose to past loves, better passions will happen in your life.


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