Yuichi Nakamaru as a main actor for the first time in New Drama Rescue!!!

Nakamaru Yuchi from KAT-TUN who is given the main role at the regular drama for the first time will act Daichi Kitajima(北島大地), who became a fireman because of his experience to be rescued by the rescue rangers in his childhood and is trying to become a ranger of the Special Hyper Rescue with struggling with his trauma.
Takahisa Masuda from NEWS will be Yutaka Tezuka(手塚豊) who is a close friend of Daichi and is also a candidate of the Special Hyper Rescue.
In addition Yusuke Yamamoto, Jun Kaname, Ryo Ishibashi, and Ken Ishiguro will be on it.

Daichi Kitajima(Nakamaru) started his career as a fireman, but because of his past trauma, before being the rescue ranger, he couldn’t get used to the hard work of the fireman and he couldn’t work well at all.
However, the captain of the Special Hyper Rescue noticed on the hidden talent of him….
Suddenly Daichi was chosen to be a trainee of the Special Hyper Rescue.
The gap between the ideal at the human rescue and the reality, the mistakes by his immaturity and the dilemma… through the communication with his fellows such as Yutaka Tezuka(Takahisa Masuda) and the trainers/superiors, Daichi is going to grow up as a rescue ranger, as a human being, and as a man.

This story will be held in Yokohama, and will be divided into 2 parts, ‘Training part’ which shows the youthful days and failure of the young members training hard to be the rangers of the Special hyper Rescue and the love of Daichi, and ‘Rescue part’ showing their work at the actual disaster places and the impression at the human rescue.

With the total help by Yokohama City Safety management Bureau, this drama will move you by showing the passionately burning youth and the importance of life.
The NEW HERO devoting himself into human rescue is born!

Rescue will start on January 9, 2009 on TBS Saturday at 8:00pm

credits to masuda_takahits@lj


1 Comment

  1. Myra said,

    November 13, 2008 at 8:32 pm

    Thanks for the news^^
    I like the fact that Maru has been given the main role for the first time. I’m going to watch this drama just to see him playing^^

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