Drunken Kame

This past summer Kame and Koki were spotted together hangin at club “M” in Shibuya. But unlike Koki, who was having a good time and high-fiving black guys (yes, it does say that), “Kame was so drunk he passed out on the street.”
Yes, those are two very different activities.

Back in January, Kame had another drunken incident when he paid a vist bar to a bar run by a cross-dressing man. Oh yes, it gets better.

He was already drunk when he began throwing back the Jinro soju, a drink similar to vodka. He revealed that he was in KAT-TUN and, with total drunk eyes, was all, “gimme more.” The proprietress, or Mama, of the place got carried away and gave him 4 or 5 times more Jinro than she normally would.

After about 10 drinks Kame’s pretty much gone. But not so far gone that he can’t ask for a little lovin.
“Nee~ kiss me.” What’s that you say, Kame? This little request was directed towards Mama, who, I remind you, is male. Mama’s reaction? “I get to kiss an idol. What a great opportunity.” LOL And so they did. 5 times. And these weren’t no pecks. They were, and I quote, “passionate” kisses. After that he went back to talking to the other costumers like he had been before.

Suddenly he turned into Crazy Drunken Kame shouting, “What the hell’d you say that for?! Don’t fuck with me!” and grabbed a dude by his collar. The guy had said something about Kame’s mother. Judging from Kame’s reaction you’d think the guy called her a slut or something but no, it was really some silly, childhood taunt that had no real meaning (other than a possible flirtation…): “Your mom’s belly button sticks out.”
Dude. He said Kame’s mom had an outtie. If that doesn’t deserve a beatdown, I don’t know what does.

Of course Kame being so incredibly loaded took it the wrong way. Hmm… a misunderstanding. Where have I heard that before?

Mama looked at the enraged Kame and said, “Instead of KAT-TUN they should be called PUT-TUN (puttsun – crazy).”


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  1. louise said,

    September 14, 2009 at 9:12 am

    …. no way!!!!!!!!….. are you sure that was kame???????…..

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