Junno ~ KAT-TUN Manual Vol.32

Junno ~ KAT-TUN Manual Vol.32

It is kind of cold outside, so I don’t feel to get up early in the morning.
This is Taguchi.

Not so long, I just went to the temple.
I just have the fun feeling like “let’s try some fortune telling”.
It took me about 10 minutes for me to start doing what I thought though.
So…I walked into the temple.
There were lots of people there, in the temple area.
It was quite noisy and busy there out there.
Becuase it was already at night, I went to the main building.
I also bought snack along my way.
It was fun.

I reached the main building of the temple,…
After praying by tossing some coins, beside there was a place to do fortune telling.
“Well, it must be nice if I can get the lucky one.”, I thought.
So I did try it with excitement.
I got fortune no. 319.
I opened it and guess what…


I thought it was not,
but when i read it, it was really BAD LUCK one.
Nothing good is written there.
So, I tied the fortune telling paper with the tree, in hope that my fortune will change.
But well, if I do get the lucky one, it is not always good.
I mean, it will depend on ourselves anyway.
We could change our fate from bad to good anyway.

After that, I took a walk around there.
There were some old alcohol where we could sit and chill all the way, the open door ones (smile).
It was fun to sit and chat with lots of people there.
They said the environment was like this for more than 10 years, and it have never been changed.
I thought “It is good to not change and keep being like this.”
Well, have you ever thought something like this, “This is the place I will never give to anyone.”.
or something like “I wanna be right here forever.”??

As for myself, my job has to change all the time.
There was a pressure sometime.
“Will I ever be myself?”, I thought sometime.

“Be yourself!”
It is not clear and hard to do.
But, in the situation like this for me, it means “keep laughing and having fun~”
I will be like this in front of everyone.
This entry is too long, but thank you for keep readind to the end.

Credit: KEN’s Board


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