More on Koki

As previously mentioned, A-san (who supposedly looks like Oshikiri Moe) was brought along by a friend. She said she wasn’t really a fan of his but it sounded fun so she decided to go. They arrived at Koki’s place around 2 or 3am. Koki played bartender and made her a drink; one of his own creations. At the time Koki’s drama Tokkyu Tanaka San Go was airing so they chit chatted about that. A-san said to him, “‘I watched your drama. Congrats on getting the lead.’ He said thanks and ‘I’ve been getting into trains lately.’ He seemed very happy. Then I asked, ‘KAT-TUN members don’t getting along very well, do they?’ and he admitted, ‘To be honest we really don’t.’ As we talked he was smoking a sweet smelling cigarette.” Yadda yadda yadda the other four leave and Koki and A-san are alone. The sex itself wasn’t very long (o rly?), but it seems there was a lot of make Koki feel good time. He had her give him a bj and he was impressed by her prowess. She got on top of him and Koki was like, “fuck, you’re hot.” He asked her about using a condom and she was the one who was said she didn’t want to. So points for Koki asking I guess. Still didn’t use one. Blah blah blah booty calls, 2 months, 4 times, and so on and so forth. A-san said she’s scared to tell guys for fear of rejection. So not a word was said to Koki and never did he notice. Or! perhaps he did and was embarrassed but the sex was too good to let his macho pride stand in the way (it felt so wrong… it felt so right…) so he let it slide only to feign ignorance if the topic ever came up. Just a thought. The mag claims to have gone to Koki’s placed and asked him (through the intercom) about A-san but of course he knew nothing. The jimusho gave no response. credits to uwasako@lj


Tanaka Koki: Master of the Booty Call

This one comes from Shukan Bunshun. A certain “A-san” (of course), recounts her night with Tanaka Koki.

June 8th. A-san’s friend brought her along to a drinking party at Koki’s house. Everyone was evenly matched: 3 guys, 3 girls.

“The other girls were talking to the other guys so I was with Koki. We went into his bedroom. He had a lot of leather jackets in his closet so I put one on. Then I got on his bed and made myself comfortable. Koki didn’t seem to mind. He wasn’t like a typical celeb; he was very laid back.”
Yes, well she’s pretty much saying “do me,” so being friendly was probably a good way to go.

Koki and A-san were ready to get down to business. But then there were those other people… “At first the other four said ‘We’re leaving,’ but they wanted to talk to Koki so they were all, ‘Maybe we should stay…’ but Koki was like, ‘That’s okay.'”

Anyway, they’re finally alone sitting on his bed talking. “He squeezed my hand then put his arms around me and kissed me. He leaned over me and felt my breasts. When I resisted a little bit he asked, ‘You don’t like it?’ I told him I was fine and right away he started taking off my clothes.”

Apparently there’s more in the article but it was omitted so you’ll have to use your imaginations. They did throw in this detail though: she asked Koki if he was going to use a condom but he was not down for that. he asked her about using a condom but she wasn’t down for that.
Bad form.

They did a post-coital exchange of phone numbers ’cause Koki was all let’s do this again sometime and whaddayaknow, he meant it. He called her about a week later.

“I was actually surprised because I didn’t think he’d really call. He asked me, ‘You free? Come over and have some drinks with me.’ I was so happy. Like we did the the first time, we drank, had sex, then I went home soon after. From that point on he’d call pretty often asking me to come by. Over the course of about 2 months I’d go to Koki’s place and we’d have sex 4 times. We didn’t have any problems but after that he stopped calling. I guess he found a new girl.”

Little did Koki know, years before he met her A-san was a guy. He underwent a sex change operation and had been living as female ever since. “I didn’t tell Koki about it so he probably never even noticed.”

credits to uwasako@lj

DOMUCON Approaches



– Today the first instructions regarding 7 DITD or “Domucon” have reached JE club members, the most interesting bit may be KAT-TUN messages


– And keeping up with “Domucon” in this last issue of “You & J” (bulletin about KAT-TUN, Kanjani 8 and NEWS) that has reached JE club members there was enclosed a cute surprise 🙂 KAT-TUN sent their fans a paper with a ship on it and on each sail a message from them thanking the fans letters supporting them about “Domucon”

Special message


The letters from everyone
Reached KAT-TUN!
Because now there’s a concert
All the members wrote a reply!

Kamenashi Kazuya



Thanks for the letters.
On the week of lives in the Tokyo Dome
I want to enjoy together with all of you.

On NTV’s drama『Kami no Shizuku』(every week’s Tuesday from 22:00)
Take care of me too!!


Akanishi Jin


And come to
Our concert!!
Peace out “Jin”

Thanks for the letters,
From now on too, please take care of me.

And come to
Our concert!!
Peace out “Jin”

Taguchi Junnosuke



Thanks for the letters,
As I want to have good memories to remember the 7 days,
Please come without fail.
From now on take care of me.

Taguchi Junnosuke

Tanaka Koki



Thanks for the letters!
I want to see everyone
I wonder where I could meet you
That’s right! Go to the Tokyo Dome!!
Come because I’m doing my best!

By Koki Tanaka

Ueda Tatsuya



Thanks for the letters
In those seven days, I want to meet everyone together with a smile. ❤
Without fail, come to enjoy ❤


Nakamaru Yuichi




Are you fine?
This time I have a pleasant notice
I wrote a letter,
This time, it has been decided for us
to have lives 7 consecutive days in Tokyo Dome
without fail, all of you please come to enjoy this show
I’m looking forward to it.

Nakamaru Yuichi

On TBS’ drama 『RESCUE』 (every week’ Saturday from 19:56) too
Please take care of me.



Only Star on sale 2/13 Cover
In the magazine official web page you can send a message to teh guys, probably for a next interview


Ueda will probably be in “Meringue no Kimochi” *NOT OFFICIAL YET* (but more than probable ;P)
Cartoon KAT-TUN is calling for fans to vote on the scenes they want to see again, want to try and write? ;P


– (There are rumors of a next to come OXY CM in SMAPxSMAP 2/16 either if htere is such  aCM or if Jin and Koki will be in it is unknow)

credits to tsuyaka

ONE DROP 1st Day Estimated Sales & RIAJ Certification Of QoP DVD

From :

1st day estimated sales – 79,577

x->1 – KAT-TUN – 79,577 (x1.75) = 139,260
x->2 – Stereopony – 5,010 (x1.75) = 8,768
x->3 – The Gospellers – 3,756 (x1.75)
RIAJ has given the QoP DVD Gold status for shipment of 100,000 copies –

A night out with Nakamaru

As is standard practice for those starring in dramas, a little gossip has come out about RESCUE star Nakamaru Yuichi. I can only hope Massu is not far behind.
Shukan Josei has the story.

“I’m having a go-kon with Nakamaru, why don’t you come?” This is how 22 year old college student “K” got invited to a certain October 18th party held at a private dining room in “F” located in Roppongi.

There were 4 girls. When they arrived one of the guys told them to show their student ID cards as they were required to participate. After all that was settled the party got started but sadly Nakamaru wasn’t there.

The guy called Nakamaru who then came right away. His style of dress was onii-kei. All the girls were very happy to see him. As for the guys, it seems Nakamaru was ordering them all around. Apparently, Nakamaru flipped his “Ore-sama” switch before arriving and was a bit on the arrogant side.
lol He has minions.

Four days later Nakamaru called K up and asked her, “You free tonight? Let’s go out for a drink.” She was expecting to meet up with him at a place in Ebisu, but when she got there he was a no show. He didn’t stand her up though. Nakamaru was worried about beeing seen so instead of meeting her, he told over the phone how to get from the station to the bar where he was waiting.

After drinking some “shotguns,” a cocktail of tequila and ginger ale, K was drunk. “I was dizzy and couldn’t even stand up by myself.” She must’ve been pretty out of it ’cause next thing she knew she was surrounded by the neon lights of a hotel district!

Anyway, Nakamaru hasn’t spoken to her since.
Looks like he is of the “hit it and quit it” philosophy.

KAT-TUN to release 10th single “Rescue”

Release Date: March 11, 2009

With KAT-TUN members headlining two TV dramas this season, it means we also get two KAT-TUN singles! Coming one month after One Drop – the theme of Kamenashi Kazuya’s drama Kami no Shizuku – KAT-TUN’s second single of 2009 is naturally the title theme of Nakamura Yuichi’s TBS firefighter drama Rescue. This powerful, dramatic number again highlights the Johnny’s group’s strength in catchy J-pop with a hard rock edge.

Rescue is being released in three versions. First Press Limited Edition comes with a DVD containing music video and making of footage. First Press Normal Edition comes with a bonus track.

Tracklist for the Normal Edition:
1. Rescue
2. 7 Days Battle
3. On Your Mind – Please Come Back to Me- (bonus track)

Nishiyama getting on Akanishi’s nerves?

Apparently Nishiyama Maki and Akanishi Jin had been sporting a matching jewelry. She posted pics of the jewelry, a necklace and a ring, on her blog but they have since been deleted. She seems to be pretty into the whole pair look thing but Jin… not so much.

They say when Nishiyama is dating someone she wants to wear the same things as the guy and be with him all the time. Jin tends to move around a lot and when he recently moved to a new place she said, “I’m going with him.”
“Akanishi’s become a bit overwhelmed by her all her pushing. People say he’s gotten cold. Marriage is probably out of the question.”
And the peasants rejoice.

Still, she continues to stress that they’re just friends writing in her blog, “According to the rest of the world my good friend is my darling!”
So, clingy girlfriend or overly enthusiastic pal? You be the judge.

It’s unknown whether or not she’s aware of Jin’s feelings but if she keeps pushing perhaps she’ll find out soon enough.

Kat-Tun One Drop full MV Released!


– “One Drop” will be performed in Cartoon KAT-TUN on February 11 J WEB REPORTS – J Web reports about “One Drop” PV Filimimg are already out. Some points:

* There is a car by member with short forms of their names and birthdates in the plates

* Koki was the first to film and as soon as he arrived he greeted the staff. Second was Junno who had to wait for long in the wind. Jin filmed third

* Ueda played piano while Jin was filming(in the place where he is walking through the tables), creating a great atmosphere, when he finished his part he sat with Jin in a sofa and asked for the “concert” payment to Jin’s surprise.

* Kame filmed 5th and Maru last, their filming places were close and Kame kept on teasing Maru.

* Koki and Maru were playing arouund and doing their normal PV drama to everyone’s amusement (Jin wanted to join)

* They all were really happy when they saw the cars

* Two teams went playing “imaginary tennis” Junno and Maru vs Ueda and Kame

other information:
One Drop PV Cars:

Kamenashi Kazuya – White Hummer limousine KK – 223
Akanishi Jin – Black Hummer limousine AJ – 704
Taguchi Junnosuke – Black Ford limousine TJ – 1129
Tanaka Koki – White Cadillac limousine TK – 1105
Ueda Tatsuya – White Chrysler limousine UT – 1004
Nakamaru Yuichi – Black Lincoln limousine NY – 904

here’s the link of One Drop PV

Full MV: