A night out with Nakamaru

As is standard practice for those starring in dramas, a little gossip has come out about RESCUE star Nakamaru Yuichi. I can only hope Massu is not far behind.
Shukan Josei has the story.

“I’m having a go-kon with Nakamaru, why don’t you come?” This is how 22 year old college student “K” got invited to a certain October 18th party held at a private dining room in “F” located in Roppongi.

There were 4 girls. When they arrived one of the guys told them to show their student ID cards as they were required to participate. After all that was settled the party got started but sadly Nakamaru wasn’t there.

The guy called Nakamaru who then came right away. His style of dress was onii-kei. All the girls were very happy to see him. As for the guys, it seems Nakamaru was ordering them all around. Apparently, Nakamaru flipped his “Ore-sama” switch before arriving and was a bit on the arrogant side.
lol He has minions.

Four days later Nakamaru called K up and asked her, “You free tonight? Let’s go out for a drink.” She was expecting to meet up with him at a place in Ebisu, but when she got there he was a no show. He didn’t stand her up though. Nakamaru was worried about beeing seen so instead of meeting her, he told over the phone how to get from the station to the bar where he was waiting.

After drinking some “shotguns,” a cocktail of tequila and ginger ale, K was drunk. “I was dizzy and couldn’t even stand up by myself.” She must’ve been pretty out of it ’cause next thing she knew she was surrounded by the neon lights of a hotel district!

Anyway, Nakamaru hasn’t spoken to her since.
Looks like he is of the “hit it and quit it” philosophy.


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