Kat-Tun One Drop full MV Released!


– “One Drop” will be performed in Cartoon KAT-TUN on February 11 J WEB REPORTS – J Web reports about “One Drop” PV Filimimg are already out. Some points:

* There is a car by member with short forms of their names and birthdates in the plates

* Koki was the first to film and as soon as he arrived he greeted the staff. Second was Junno who had to wait for long in the wind. Jin filmed third

* Ueda played piano while Jin was filming(in the place where he is walking through the tables), creating a great atmosphere, when he finished his part he sat with Jin in a sofa and asked for the “concert” payment to Jin’s surprise.

* Kame filmed 5th and Maru last, their filming places were close and Kame kept on teasing Maru.

* Koki and Maru were playing arouund and doing their normal PV drama to everyone’s amusement (Jin wanted to join)

* They all were really happy when they saw the cars

* Two teams went playing “imaginary tennis” Junno and Maru vs Ueda and Kame

other information:
One Drop PV Cars:

Kamenashi Kazuya – White Hummer limousine KK – 223
Akanishi Jin – Black Hummer limousine AJ – 704
Taguchi Junnosuke – Black Ford limousine TJ – 1129
Tanaka Koki – White Cadillac limousine TK – 1105
Ueda Tatsuya – White Chrysler limousine UT – 1004
Nakamaru Yuichi – Black Lincoln limousine NY – 904

here’s the link of One Drop PV

Full MV:


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