Nishiyama getting on Akanishi’s nerves?

Apparently Nishiyama Maki and Akanishi Jin had been sporting a matching jewelry. She posted pics of the jewelry, a necklace and a ring, on her blog but they have since been deleted. She seems to be pretty into the whole pair look thing but Jin… not so much.

They say when Nishiyama is dating someone she wants to wear the same things as the guy and be with him all the time. Jin tends to move around a lot and when he recently moved to a new place she said, “I’m going with him.”
“Akanishi’s become a bit overwhelmed by her all her pushing. People say he’s gotten cold. Marriage is probably out of the question.”
And the peasants rejoice.

Still, she continues to stress that they’re just friends writing in her blog, “According to the rest of the world my good friend is my darling!”
So, clingy girlfriend or overly enthusiastic pal? You be the judge.

It’s unknown whether or not she’s aware of Jin’s feelings but if she keeps pushing perhaps she’ll find out soon enough.


1 Comment

  1. Jess said,

    March 26, 2009 at 5:20 am

    hmmm after watching her on CKT, I actually think she’s pretty cheery and sweet but I can see how quickly she can get annoying. And being a HUGE HUGE HUGE Akanishi fan (yes, I am one of the rejoicing peasants), I can’t deny i would be happy if he breaks up with her…

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