More on Koki

As previously mentioned, A-san (who supposedly looks like Oshikiri Moe) was brought along by a friend. She said she wasn’t really a fan of his but it sounded fun so she decided to go. They arrived at Koki’s place around 2 or 3am. Koki played bartender and made her a drink; one of his own creations. At the time Koki’s drama Tokkyu Tanaka San Go was airing so they chit chatted about that. A-san said to him, “‘I watched your drama. Congrats on getting the lead.’ He said thanks and ‘I’ve been getting into trains lately.’ He seemed very happy. Then I asked, ‘KAT-TUN members don’t getting along very well, do they?’ and he admitted, ‘To be honest we really don’t.’ As we talked he was smoking a sweet smelling cigarette.” Yadda yadda yadda the other four leave and Koki and A-san are alone. The sex itself wasn’t very long (o rly?), but it seems there was a lot of make Koki feel good time. He had her give him a bj and he was impressed by her prowess. She got on top of him and Koki was like, “fuck, you’re hot.” He asked her about using a condom and she was the one who was said she didn’t want to. So points for Koki asking I guess. Still didn’t use one. Blah blah blah booty calls, 2 months, 4 times, and so on and so forth. A-san said she’s scared to tell guys for fear of rejection. So not a word was said to Koki and never did he notice. Or! perhaps he did and was embarrassed but the sex was too good to let his macho pride stand in the way (it felt so wrong… it felt so right…) so he let it slide only to feign ignorance if the topic ever came up. Just a thought. The mag claims to have gone to Koki’s placed and asked him (through the intercom) about A-san but of course he knew nothing. The jimusho gave no response. credits to uwasako@lj


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