Blog Entry KAT-TUN, Consecutive #1s from their 1st single to their 10th

Popular group KAT-TUN’s 10th Single 「RESCUE」 sold 323k on the first week and got #1 on the 3/23 single ranking. Since their debut release 「Real Face」 in March 2006, this is their 10th consecutive #1. They are now tied with their senpai NEWS for 2nd for the most consecutive #1 singles from debut (Kinki Kids is #1 with 28).

Second is actor Kamiji Yusuke debuting solo in the name “Yusuke” with 「ひまわり(Himawari)」, third is Tohoshinki’s 「Survivor ~090325 4th Album“The Secret Code”Pre-Release Single~【初回限定生産】」 {wow, what a long official title…}, 4th is GReeeeN’s 「刹那(Setsuna)」, and with 5th being Arashi/Yano Kenta starring Satoshi Ohno 「Believe/曇りのち、快晴 (Kumorinochi, Kaisei)」, the top 5 was dominated by male artists.

On the other side, for the album rankings, Remioromen’s first best album 「レミオベスト (Remio Best)」 that was released on the 9th got #1 with 281k. It has been 2 years and 10 months since they got #1 with 「HORIZON」, which was released on May 2006, and this became their 2nd #1. Second is RADWIMPS’s new album 「アルトコロニーの定理 (Altocolony no Teiri)」, with which they passed 200k for the first time (231k). Utada’s 2nd album 「This Is The One」 started selling in shops since the 13th, in the 3 days it became #3 selling 78k.

Oricon article here

Exact number sold: 322,597


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