About Gokusen the Movie

KAT-TUN Kamenashi and actress Nakama Yukie will be starring in “Gokusen The Movie” 7/11

That movie was originally a series that started in 2002 until it’s last part in 2008.

Kamenashi played Odagiri Ryu, in it’s second part year 2005.

Kamenashi said “I still can’t imagine myself in a big screen'”

Nakama yukie said “Odagiri is so much bigger now, right”, oh motherly feeling was developed.

“I’m very happy to have another encouter with my disciple 4 years later”

Kamenashi 4 years later is bringing a much more adult aura to his character

“I really wanted to do the movie, so i am very pleased to be able play the role of Odagiri ryu the one i played in the past”

“The movie shows from part 1 (2002) to part 3 students, 2008 Yankumi lesson is gyugyugyu(ZZZZZ). in short i’s a wonderful production.”


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