[Translation] Only Star 2009.05

– Koki and Junno being themselves.
– Nakamaru stealing Ueda’s song.
– Kame liking strawberry pants and randomly singing about them.
– Jin being popular with the others, to the point Junno wants to marry him.
– KAT-TUN praising each other’s voices
– Jin talking about food.
– Ueda being random, as always.


Your 4th album “Break the Records -by you & for you-” has been released. Including the four singles, there are 16 songs, and it turned out a work full of speed and groovy feeling. Especially, the members’ solo songs give out their personality, but what have you felt listening to each of them?
-T: I still haven’t heard them a bit!
T-: Speaking of the whole album, I’ve heard it just now.
Akanishi-san’s solo “care”, since it’s a song he’s sang before the debut, all of the other members has listened to it before, right?
-T: It’s quite a long ago, that one. If I remember right…was it the one you sang holding your guitar?
A: *Nods*
N: Eh? Eh? Eh? That one that one!
K: If I remember right, didn’t you change the title in the middle of a tour MC?
A: Right. At first, I named it suitably “I know”, but along the way I thought that something was off, and I changed it to “care”.
-T: Even though it was “I know”, actually you didn’t understand anything (lol).
Did you just say “I change it” during the MC?
A: I think….., yeah.
N: What an original idea.
-T: Then, this time, did you change the lyrics?
A: Just in the D melody, I changed them.
-T: My impression of him singing it holding the guitar is really strong, but I don’t even remember what kind of song it is. Because, you know, that one was really a long time ago. And also, when the others sing their solos, we are in the back of the stage, we can’t see them!
T-: I watch also the other solos, everyday, from the wings.
Among the fans, it seems it’s called “The legendary title”, there are also a lot of comments that say “It makes me feel better”.
A: Is that so?
N: Then, you did good changing it into “care”!
As for Ueda-san, how did you think you wanted your solo to turn out?
U: I, regarding the solos, I’ve heard before only Nakamaru’s. Or better, Nakamaru’s solo was the song I originally wanted to sing. Before, it was listed among the candidate songs, and I said “Since eventually I’ll do this one, consider it taken.”, and then, at some stage, it has become Nakamaru’s solo (lol).
N: No, I-I said “If Ueda wants to do it, I’m fine with another song”.
So it started like that, and in the end, you decided to write the lyrics to a song you composed before?
U: That’s right.
T-: It has a really cheerful feeling, hasn’t it. Since your previous solo had a calm feeling, I think this one has a totally different image from that.
-T: As for my solo, it was listed before in the candidates for my previous solos. Then, this time I do a song that I left out that time……So, it should mean that I changed from the end of last year.
T-: You shout threatening “Whoooo”♪. I thought it will be funny if the whole audience at the live will shout together “Whoooo”♪.
Nakamaru-san’s song is really catchy. Considering what Ueda-san has said just now, it was a popular song, wasn’t it?
N: That’s right.
Is there anything you watched out for when singing it?
N: When I listened to the demo, it was really good. And so, when it came the time I had to sing it in practice, I thought that it would have been good if it’d turn out similar to the demo.
T-: My “WIND”, since at the beginning it starts with an intro of a quiet piano, it seems like, there, it changes the flow of the album all at once. That’s why, instead of listening only to one song, I’d like you to listen properly to the album consecutively. In the whole, it gives the feeling it stands out in a good way.
-T: Stand out you say, in your case, it’s show-off badly (lol).
T-: At least say Individuality. Come on? Let’s be positive (lol).
What about Kamenashi-san’s solo?
K: At first, since I wanted to do a medium ballad, among the demos I kept “On My Mind”. But that became one of the coupling songs for “ONE DROP”….. If that’s the case, I thought that I should go with a song that gives priority to the live performance. Since we started to choose the songs, in three days they were all already decided. Like an intensive short-term course. Actually, I wanted to have more fun with the sound effects, but since I didn’t have much time, I think I will try out those things in the live.
T-: When I first saw the title, I wondered what kind of meaning does it have, you know.
K: Ichigo Pants (Strawberry pants)!
T-: Eh? Really?
K: Yeah. Ichi-Go-Pan-Tsu (1-5-8-2).
N: Does that even have a meaning?
K: It’s beacause I love strawberry pants (lol).
-T: Is it that kind of song?
T-: For real?
K: Yeah. *At the notes of “Kurarinetto o kowashichatta”*(1) “Boku no daisuki na pantsu wa ichigo~♪” (lol). (My beloved pants are the strawberry ones)
Real facts aside (lol), this album, it shows clearly the image of the live. The pattern of releasing an album and then doing a live is the same as last year…..
-T: This year, the live comes with the album, or better, we made an album for the sake of the live, it’s something like that. Anyway, it has the feeling is was based on the live. But, we were brought up with lives since a long ago. And so, it’s certain that a live like this one, it’s easy to be done.
K: For example, it’s the same when we pick a coupling song. Usually, we don’t sing the couplings in TV, but when we show it at a live, the distance between us and the audience squeezes. There is a strong sense of closeness, of unity. And so, for us, speaking of music activities, releasing an album it’s not the maximum peak. We think a lot about how we can show and let the things we come up with there be heard in the live. Recording and releasing albums and singles, these KAT-TUN’s music activities find their realizations in the lives.
T-: Simply, in order to enjoy the live, it’s absolutely a must to give an album to listen to. This album has 6 new songs, and you’re not familiar with hearing each of them, and, well, so…listening only to the new songs might give a heavy feeling, but I think it’s good that it gives out gaudiness, since we included the singles.
Well then, use this moment to praise each other, I’d like you to make comments on each of your vocals. Just now, reading the speech Tanaka-san has written in his j-web, I was moved…
-T: Eh, what did I write again?
Messages to all of the members, like “I love how Kame does his best”.
-T: *Embarassed* Aaaah.
Everyone, haven’t you read it?
All: We haven’t.
A: AH! I haven’t written my entry on the j-web! *As he says this, he slowly picks up his mobile and starts to write something*
N: Ah? Ah (lol).
-T: Too late, in any case, the update will end up being tomorrow.
K: *Suddenly* I like Nakamaru’s voice! Somehow, it has a delicate feeling.
T-: Ah? Indeed. Nakamaru-kun, it seems like he understands his own voice. Everytime, he matches properly his voice with the song. He has also low tones. Speaking of low tones, he’s the number one in KAT-TUN.
-T: How can his speaking voice and his singing voice be so different, it’s a mistery (lol).
And speaking about Ueda-san, how is it?
N: As for Ueda, with his voice it’s the same, you see, doesn’t he write himself his songs and lyrics? He has his own personal world.
-T: I think he has good sense. Regardless if it’s good or bad (lol), he has sense.
And Tanaka-san?
N: Of course, I think no one but him can do KAT-TUN’s rap.
-T: If you say that, then I think that no one but Nakamaru can do Beat-box (lol).
T-: As expected, very manly.
N: Like, it seems like a gun (lol).
U: Koki, since he has passion, I think he’s fine with the offensive aura. And motorbikes suit him.
-T: Bikes? It has nothing to do with singing (lol).
How are Taguchi-san’s vocals?
T-: Well, me too, as a musician, even though I’m an idol, but, being in a position where I’m able to release songs, makes me happy. That being the case, I’ll try to make use of this valuable opportunity.
How about Akanishi-san?
K: Akanishi, you know, recently he sings more softly.
A: *Looking at Kamenashi who is by his side, after making a slightly surprised face, he nods*
K: You see, I’ve been told at the recording from the director. “Since Jin is singing a bit weakly, could you please sing a bit weakly too, Kame?”
-T: But when Akanishi sings, as always, it adds depth to the song.
N: He thinks over and over, let’s make this song good, let’s make this song good, he’s great at that.
In Tanaka-san’s j-web I was talking about before, he wrote in english about the episode when you sang “Garasu no Shounen” together, and he said that, regarding music, he always trusts you.
A: Ah? “Garasu no Shounen”, we sang it, didn’t we? At the karaoke.
-T: *Laughs in embarassement*
Ehm, I think you should all read Tanaka-san’s j-web, really (lol). Well then, lastly, about Kamenashi-san.
T-: As always, his voice is high, isn’t it. From low-tone-Nakamaru-kun to high-tone-Kame, I think KAT-TUN’s vocal range is really wide.
Was it high from the start?
K: It’s not high. Moreover, in the past I was really tone-deaf, you know.
N: Weren’t you called “Mosquiton Boy”?
T-: But now that you’ve become adult, didn’t you start to like calm songs? At the karaoke, you sing ballads, don’t you.
K: It’s not like that! It’s just that, when there are a lot of lively songs, I choose on purpose that kind of songs. What about Taguchi? When we went to the karaoke before, even though you choose our own songs, you ask “Excuse me, I’ll go one key lower!” (lol).
T-: At the closing of dramas, before, I ended up singing things like “Real Face” or “Yorokobi no Uta”. Since I have a predisposition of being AD (lol).
U: At the closing of dramas, do you usually go at the karaoke?
K: Karaoke is common. Ueda too, you better start memorizing SMAP-san’s songs now. *For the closing of “Konkatsu!”*
U: That’s right. With the dance steps (lol).
Lastly, how does this live seem to turn out?
K: Actually, we ourselves, until we try doing the real thing, we don’t know how it will be. But, I think that is where the fun is. Since we’ve been conferred with a great “seed”, that being the rare opportunity of performing 8 consecutive days at Tokyo Dome, we will properly expose that seed to the sun, give it water, and I’d like to make bloom a flower that will amaze everyone!
KAT-TUN, with the debut single “Real Face”, has achieved the million record. What kind of memories do you have regarding that?
T-: For me, the lyrics “Giri giri” left a great impression.
U: The lyrics were by Suga Shikao-san and the music by Matsumoto Takahiro-san, I thought we were offered a masterpiece by great arrtists, at first that startled me.
N: When our debut was decided, we were right in the middle of a play, right.
K: Ah, Doribo. (“DREAM BOYS”)
T-: Suddenly, they took us to the recording, and on the last day of the play, we had a conference.
K: Suddenly a crowd of important people surrounded us, saying good luck, good luck, good luck (lol).
As for Akanishi-san, do you have any memories of the “Real Face” period?
A: I really don’t remember.
-T: Well, you see, since we had already done recordings before that. With the debut, our surroundings suddenly changed, but the things we were doing themselves didn’t change that much. And so, I didn’t really realize, until the music video. Going all the way to Ibaraki, shooting for 2 whole days. With that, I thought “Ah, we are really releasing a CD”.
K: Of course, we are happy we’re keeping the first places, but from now on too, I want us to Break The Record by ourselves.

Solo Interviews

Kamenashi Kazuya

Q1. Are you thinking of what kind of hairstyle you want to have for the next concert?
For now, I think I want it to grow. Ah, but that depends on work, you know. Because I have to check that time and the work I’ll have in the future.
Q2. I’ve heard that Kame-chan’s solo this year has the image of “Tradition”(2). For Kame-chan, when saying “Tradition”, what is the very first thing that comes to your mind?
Kimono. The kimonos both men and women can wear.
Q3. What is the most important thing you want to tell to the KAT-TUN fans with your music?
You might think I give great importance to the performance, but actually there are ballads, there are a lot of romantic lyrics, each and every song has its own different direction. Freely, but I’d like everyone to face some or another. From my part, I don’t want to force what I want to tell on others.
Q4. Apart from your own solo, what is your favourite song in the album?
“Shunkashuutou”. I like the lyrics’ view of the world.
Q5. Have you ever thought of trying a new genre in the future? Or an instrument you want to try out.
I want to try a lively song. Something like a foolish song.
Q6. If KAT-TUN was to go out altogether, where would you go?
Uhm, if I should say something, maybe staying leisurely at the onsen.
Q7. Are you strenghtening your body to face the Tokyo Dome live?
I plan to. Petit Diet.
Q8. What do you do just before the concert starts?
Shower! It’s a must! Absolutely!

Akanishi Jin

Q1. Have you ever cooked something other than pasta?
Let’s see….Yakisoba. I cook things like that.
Q2. I think you go often abroad but, is there a dish you found particularly delicious?
A potato dish I ate in Spain. You only put Ali Oli sauce on the potatoes, but it was simply good.
Q3. You seem to listen a lot to Western music but, who are the artists or songs you would recommend?
Recently, I listen a lot to a song called “Knock you down”. It’s a collaboration between Neyo, Kanye West and Keri Hilson. The music video is cool too.
Q4. If you were put together in a unit with someone inside KAT-TUN, who would it be?
I don’t want to (lol). It’s either six or one.
Q5. Have you ever thought of trying a new genre in the future?
Something like HIP-HOP, since I’ve never done it, I’d like to try.
Q6. Please tell me a way to enjoy more the concerts!
I want you to enjoy it freely in your own favourite way. Because, when I see girls that dance unfazed by the fact that we are so close, I think it’s great and I feel good. Then, if you come having listened to the album! You can enjoy it!
Q7. What do you do just before the concert starts?
*Laying his body on the sofa* Like this. Leisurely, eating or drinking something.

Taguchi Junnosuke

Q1. What Cosplay you want to do?
Something like a cool doctor. I think it will be good to act as a doctor in an afternoon drama.
Q2. Is there a record you want to make in the future?
Since records are things that the people surrounding us seem to make for us, I can’t think of any record I want us to make. As for a record in a different meaning, since usually the 6 of us never go to eat out together, someday I want to break the record and go eat yakiniku with the others (lol).
Q3. When you first heard you were going to do concerts at Tokyo Dome for a week, what did you think?
“Seriously?”. More than being surprised, I was completely speechless. After 5 seconds, it dawned on me. Like, I’m taking a run towards the Dome.
Q4. Please tell me a way to enjoy more the concerts!
I think that it’s okay that way.
Q5. Are you strenghtening your body to face the Tokyo Dome live?
Usually I don’t do it much, but since this time I want to do my best in the preparations, I think I’ll do jogging and vocal training.
Q6. If you were to become married to someone in KAT-TUN just for one day, who would you want it to be? On the other hand, who you wouldn’t ever want it to be?
If it was Akanishi-kun, I have the feeling I can bear it if it’s just one day (lol).
Q7. What is the greatest pride of your life?
I’m one of KAT-TUN, you know.

Tanaka Koki

Q1. Is there anything you want to challenge in the future?
Jet skiing. Because I’ve done it in America, but never in Japan. I also want to get the licence.
Q2. How come you’re so handsome?
I think because I was born like that (lol).
Q3. If you were put together in a unit with someone inside KAT-TUN, who would it be?
If it was Akanishi we could do something like R&B and Rap, if it was Ueda Rock, if it was with Nakamaru it will be Rap and Beat-box, no matter who it is, I have confidence I can adapt to the other one.
Q4. What is the most important thing you want to tell to the KAT-TUN fans with your music?
I think, our challenging trait.
Q5. Are you strenghtening your body to face the Tokyo Dome live?
I don’t do anything at all, I have never. Since during the live I’m full with stamina, I can do it till the end.
Q6. What do you all do just before the concert starts?
I listen to music and swing my head. That’s why, when I step on stage, it seems like I feel dizzy (lol).
Q7. If you were to become married to someone in KAT-TUN just for one day, who would you want it to be? On the other hand, who you wouldn’t ever want it to be?
It would be impossible with anyone, but since he’s a good guy, maybe Kame. It seems he will do a lot of things for me. The one I don’t want, Taguchi. He seems a bother, doesnt’ he (lol).
Q8. What is the greatest pride of your life?
More than a pride, it’s an aim: to live like a rock.

Ueda Tatsuya

Q1. Are you getting along with the other actors of the drama?
Yes. (Are you the one starting the conversation?) That’s right. But also the others are starting the conversations.
Q2. This is the first time you appear in a drama, what is the most difficult thing in filming?
Since it was right after finishing the play, it’s difficult to switch from acting in a play to acting in a drama. For example, in a play you have to express the emotions through the body. But, in a drama, since there are mics, there’s no need of over-reactions. That, the difference in the ways of acting is really big. I’m not really getting used to it.
Q3. What did you do last night?
Boxing practice. I went to the gym for about two hours.
Q4. If you were to write lyrics for one of the other members, who would you write for and what kind of lyrics would they be?
Maybe Akanishi. If he asks me, I’ll write for him. (What kind of lyrics?) I’ll stay faithful to the image Akanishi asked for.
Q5. Apart from your own solo, what is your favourite song in the new album?
“Shunkashuutou”. I like the lyrics.
Q6. What do you do just before the concert starts?
Sinew training, stretching. I move the body quite seriously.
Q7. If you were able to be reborn for one day only?
*Immediate answer* Dolphin!
Q8. What is the greatest pride of your life?
Entering Johnny’s. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be doing this now.

Nakamaru Yuichi

Q1. Does you mouth ever hurt when you do Beat-box?
When I overdo the practice it does hurt, but more than the mouth, my jaw and my throat start hurting right away. But, since I use my facial muscles, with a lift up I can do as expected.
Q2. If you will be able to bunjee-jump till the end (he’s rumored to have to do bunjee at the live), what have you decided now to give yourself as a reward?
It’s okay, since I think I won’t jump (lol). But if I have to jump for the sake of the audience, I think I want to try as hard as possible.
Q3. It seems you’ve been to Okinawa with Masuda-kun, how was it?
We ate Okinawa’s cuisine and we were refreshed. With Massu, we’ve also been together in the drama, but we entered in the same period and we’ve been occasionally going out shopping from the start, and so we are relaxed. That’s why, when we’re the two of us, I’m really at ease.
Q4. Apart from your own solo, what is your favourite song in the new album?
“Shunkashuutou”. I like the melody.
Q5. If you were put together in a unit with someone inside KAT-TUN, who would it be and what kind of song would you want to have?
Whoever I did it with, it seems fun but, if I have to say which I prefer, maybe a Rap with Akanishi.
Q6. When you first heard you were going to do concerts at Tokyo Dome for a week, what did you think?
I was shaking with happiness.
Q7. What do you all do just before the concert starts?
About 30 minutes before the show, I have a consistent meal and then take a shower.
Q8. What is the greatest pride of your life?
Knowing Johnny-san. It’s quite a pride (lol).

Comments on the Solos

Tanaka Koki – Solo Song: PIERROT
The song theme is simply “I’m not a pierrot!”, I sang about my own rebellious spirit. It’s my usual short-tempered lyrics (lol). I think that since I’m short-tempered I’m able to sing Rock. Because, you know, I, if some guy bumps into me while walking, I can make a song just with that. Since I think I don’t want to ever lose that rebellious spirit of mine, for that reason, I say things straight, without thinking strangely in my head. That’s why I don’t use any trick and I don’t lie. I’m a guy who’s reaally easy to understand.

Taguchi Junnosuke – Solo Song: WIND
Regarding the lyrics, since it’s the first time I write, it’s like it expresses, just as they are, the things I’m thinking at the moment. I think it will be good if everyone that listens to it will feel it as their own cheering song. With the arrangement of the Jazz pianist Ozone Makoto-san, the song was completed as a perfect Jazz. I met Ozone-san when Tokito Saburo-san, that acted with me in “Hanayome to Papa”, introduced him to me, and since I’ve always thought that someday I’d like him to play for me, I’m happy we could work together this time.

Akanishi Jin – Solo Song: care
I’ve sang it just one time during a live before the debut, and I’ve always wanted to include it as my solo in an album someday. The fact that the time was this one, it’s not like it has a particular meaning or something, it just happened. By the way, I was the one writing the lyrics. Now I use the computer, but at that time I wrote it using pen and paper. If I remember correctly, it was like that. The recording, well, it was the usual tension. Since I changed only the D melody, there, adapting it to the song, the lyrics are changed too.

Ueda Tatsuya – Solo Song: Hana no Mau Machi
Regarding this solo, I wanted it to give out a gentle, refreshing feeling. Then, by chance, I had a melody I composed six months ago, and it was recorded as part of the album… Then, later I attached the lyrics to that melody. This song “Hana no Mau Machi”, since I recorded it right in the middle of the play “Romeo and Juliet”, I had lost my voice and my pollinosis was awful, I had disastrous parts and it was very very hard.

Kamenashi Kazuya – Solo Song: 1582
Actually, what makes the songs in this album grow, is only the live. I think it will be good if all the members could get as fast as possible into live-mode. As for the solo, regarding my own songs, I like the simplicity. This time, since I told what kind of image I wanted my song to have, I was given some demos, and when I listened to “1582” I had the feeling “I’ll do this one!”. It’s a really easy song to sing, but as for the show in the live, I want it to be quite a flashy one.

Nakamaru Yuichi – Solo Song: WHITE WORLD
I chose this song because I wanted to sing a medium tempo that you could calm down listening to. At first I was given the written lyrics, and I thought of adding something of my own to that but, when I saw the completion, it was too perfect and I didn’t fiddle at all. The lyrics were good the way they were, I especially like the part “My feelings towards you, who quietly taught me the meaning of life”. This means that they were able to find a reason to live thanks to the other person. I sang considering that there are also these emotions.

(*) Notes:
(1) “Kurarinetto o kowashichatta” is a japanese nursery ryhme. KAT-TUN has sang it before, in Okyakusama wa “Kamisamaa”.
(2) The kanji is “和”, wa, which means everything that is Japanese, in this case I translated it as “Tradition”. The kanji can be read also as “Kazu”, it’s the first character of Kazuya.

credits to nyctea62442


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