unday, April 18 to Tuesday, April 20


– “Going!” Type B will include a 20 page booklet


– The four songs included in the medley Junno will perform in Shokura are “Seishin”, “WIND”, “Natsu no Basho” and “Samurai☆Love☆Attack”.


– “Agent Nakamaru” informing: After the general rehearshal, that went very well, they only have final discussions about costumes, goods and synchronization to finish.

Kame was interviewed by Sports Hochi. Being his first sports only interview.

His mision is to show the charms of baseball to young audiences

Kame: “I didn’t expect to be chosen i was surprised but happy”

“For me baseball players are high above. I feel like returning to childhood”

“I feel the quality of human beings talking with the players. When i wear costumes and get bathed by the spotlightlight in concerts it’s different. It’s a different filter and i want to go ahead step by step”

Since it is his first experience he goes by trial and error.

Kame: “Since the state of mind is what influences the results in sports I try to be careful with the timing and kind of questions in the interview”

“I study the way of thinking of top athletes and it’s stimulating. When I go back to KAT-TUN I think i’ll see interviews different. A new point of view”


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