Ueda Tatsuya on a date with Kobayashi Ryoko?

Ueda Tatsuya, member of japanese idol group KAT-TUN, was spotted going on a date with Kobayashi Ryoko by the latest edition of the magazine FRIDAY. Kobayashi Ryoko is a member of the cast in Kamenashi Kazuya’s latest drama “Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge”.

The report states that both of them have met during the stageplay “Romeo & Juliet” last spring, and ended up really falling in love with each other.

The couple even held each other’s hands during interviews, and at that time the media have been in doubt about their relationship already. Not surprised, their relationship is growing steadily these days.

Funny enough, some fangirls of Ueda commented online that they’re relieved that Ueda actually likes girls etc etc since there’s been a mystery about his sexual orientation due to Ueda’s neutral image.

Original source: Yahoo HK


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