“KAT-TUN 2010 Summer Premium”

Shinseido added information to one of their “Going!” web pages. They mention a Special Campaigne “KAT-TUN 2010 Summer Premium” for those who buy two works, no details about what will the campaigne be about, but they say Johnny’s web will update the information about it in the last 10 days of May. They also mention the release of KAT-TUN’s 5th album (now recording) for this coming June

Johnny’s Web has updated a bit on this information. The “KAT-TUN 2010 Summer Premium” campaign is a “Going!” and the 5th and unnamed album one. They confirm there will be one album for June. For those who buy both works they tell people not to lose the belt paper (strip of paper between the plastic package and the actual cd) that will come with “Going!” normal edition because on it’s back there will be a code. They also say they will provide more information by the end of May.


KAT-TUN cancels Bangkok concert

Johnny’s Jimusho announced on Saturday that KAT-TUN’s concert in Bangkok, Thailand, has been indefinitely postponed due to the political unrest in the country.

Recent clashes between the National United Front of Democracy Against Dictatorship (UDD) and the police have been escalating in violence, leading to many injuries and deaths.

KAT-TUN’s upcoming Asia tour was scheduled to start with a concert in Bangkok on July 31, followed by two shows in Seoul on August 6-7 and two shows in Taipei on August 27-28. Although the Bangkok concert has been suspended, the other four concerts will go on as planned.

A similar situation happened in 2006, when an Arashi concert in Bangkok had to be canceled due to the coup d’├ętat in Thailand.

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Kame: “I am dissapointed. I expected to spend time with Thai fans. I know there are a lot. I’ll still would like to do a concert there so wait until there is another chance to do so”