Akanishi, BoA, Crystal Kay at the club together??

The only member not to participate in KAT-TUN’s world tour, Akanishi Jin (25) has been busy with solo performances in Los Angeles. An eyewitness has revealed that on one night in the VIP section of a certain club in LAMinami-Aoyama*, Akanishi Jin had been seen interacting with Japanese pop star Crystal Kay, who was wearing a grey jacket.

Some time after 2am, Korean Superstar BoA (23) was then spotted in a sexy clothes next to him. Akanishi had been drinking alot of tequila, and BoA was sipping on a cocktail. Apparently, the three celebrities have been friends for quite a while now (BoA and Crystal Kay have known each other for 8 years) and whenever they are together they interact in English.

However, suddenly Akanishi Jin and BoA pulled close to each other and their faces were also in close proximity. It was a very steamy hug, reportedly.


More on Jin and KAT-TUN’s future

Tokyo Sports is back with more (alleged) inside info on solo artist and aspiring Hollywood actor Akanishi Jin.

Rumor has it Jin passed his Pirates of the Caribbean audition!
I didn’t realize this was supposedly happening already. Anyway, if this turned out to be true… lol idek.

According to a Hollywood insider, “There’s no official announcement yet but out of the nearly 10,000 applicants, Akanishi was picked. Originally he was to play a leader of Japanese pirates but now his part is undecided, however he will play an important role. Surprisingly, it was also leaked that Watanabe Ken might be in the movie as well.”
Ah, Watanabe Ken, the go-to guy for all things Japanese male.

Adding to Jin’s good fortune, his concerts in L.A. are sold out! “In just 3 hours, all 2300 seats were sold out. Japanese fans bought tickets but over 40% went to Americans.”

If all this is to be believed, things are looking quite good for Jin. Unfortunately, there’s some bad news as well: Jin will leave KAT-TUN in December.

“KAT-TUN’s contract with the company that handles their cell phone content runs out in December. Once the contract is up, Akanishi will be released and his departure from KAT-TUN will be announced.” After that he’ll spend a year shooting the movie and traveling around for promotional events.

Rumor about Jin

Is this true??? Jin’s concert in LA is just a cover up (but of course he’s going to do the concerts). His main goal is to break into Hollywood and he will audition in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and the role that he will audition is the part of a young leader of a band of japanese pirates.

Nishiyama getting on Akanishi’s nerves?

Apparently Nishiyama Maki and Akanishi Jin had been sporting a matching jewelry. She posted pics of the jewelry, a necklace and a ring, on her blog but they have since been deleted. She seems to be pretty into the whole pair look thing but Jin… not so much.

They say when Nishiyama is dating someone she wants to wear the same things as the guy and be with him all the time. Jin tends to move around a lot and when he recently moved to a new place she said, “I’m going with him.”
“Akanishi’s become a bit overwhelmed by her all her pushing. People say he’s gotten cold. Marriage is probably out of the question.”
And the peasants rejoice.

Still, she continues to stress that they’re just friends writing in her blog, “According to the rest of the world my good friend is my darling!”
So, clingy girlfriend or overly enthusiastic pal? You be the judge.

It’s unknown whether or not she’s aware of Jin’s feelings but if she keeps pushing perhaps she’ll find out soon enough.

AKANISHI JIN and KOKI TANAKA being suspect in using drug? o.0

it stated that jin was suspected to be involve in keeping drug as the police
found 0.7g of drug in a tennis player and 22yr old ex AV girlfriend’s apartment last wednesday and the tennis player admit that he sniff the drug every night.

jin, pi, ryo, yu and the tennis player like to hang around in one of the bar in tokyo every night and even form a group call “AKANISHI group”, so they had a very good relationship.

now, the tennis player and the AV girlfriend’s friends are listed in the suspect list of having drugs. This made akanishi jin more suspicious. Even Koki who has dated the ex AV girl
is also in the suspect list.

{J-WEB} Jin – KAT-TUN Manual Vol. 32

Jin – KAT-TUN Manual Vol. 32

It’s a day early, but
happy halloween

How does everyone spend Halloween

This is Akanishi.

It’s exciting to think about what costume I’ll wear this year. -o-

Those who go to parties or celebrate, please enjoy yourselves.

Ah, I’m going to be in a movie. -o-

I think there are people who already know, but definitely check it out.

Well then, today, I’ll stop here.
I have to go back to work. ciao

CDTV Ranking: Top 10 Male Artists Who Lead the Trend- Kamenashi # 1

CDTV ranking

1. Kamenashi Kazuya (KAT-TUN)
2. Akanishi Jin (KAT-TUN)
3. Domoto Tsuyoshi (Kinki Kids)
4. Hyde (L`arc~en~ciel)
5. Yamashita Tomohisa (NEWS)
6. Matsumoto Jun (Arashi)
7. Aiba Masaki (Arashi)

see top 10 here:


[TRANSLATION] Popolo 12/2008 Akanishi Jin

POPOLO 12/2008

Akanishi Jin
“Being betrayed by someone you love is hard.”

  • Sad Betrayal

In fact when someone you love changes her/his heart and it becomes a betrayal, it’s a very sad issue. I had an experience of that type myself in the past. At that time I was really shocked and sad about it. I couldn’t even cry it out. If love happens, I want to be able to face my partner earnestly. I have always thought that even if you don’t know how great a future it can be, if that person isn’t a person I can date until marriage, then I can’t fall in love with her. That’s why I want to believe in my partner, put it that way if I get cheated on, it’s really difficult and I won’t forgive it.

  • A heart forced to close
 No matter how much I loved my partner, if a betrayal were to happen, I think I would absolutely break up with her. Like a shutter that goes down… Even if she reflected about it and apologized, inside myself the feelings of love I had for her would at once get cold.

Maybe, I am the type who can only face love with this seriousness. Thus, for this reason, I on the contrary, in this shape of future, don’t want to hurt the other part by betraying her.

Jin starring in an upcoming movie?

Popular Idol Group, KAT-TUN’s Akanishi Jin will be playing the lead role for the first time in a music drama called “BANDAGE”. According to the Nippon TV executive producer, they will start filming aroud November 3rd and 4th within Tokyo. They are planning to release the movie around 2010.
The movie takes place in the 90’s when amateur bands were popular. A high school girl becomes the manager of a popular band, LANDS, and the story is told through her eyes. She meets the lead vocal, Natsu (Jin) and other members and develop friendship. The title have two meanings – BAND AGE (the age of the bands) and also BANDAGE (bandage..lol). It is about youth chasing their dreams and growing from their experiences.
(stuff about the director..)
The director commented that after reading the script, he felt that Akanishi would be good for the lead role. They have already started to prepare by having Jin try on the costumes, read the lines, discuss their looks for the character, etc.
The producer commented “I’m excited for how it will become. I think the main character’s and Akanishi’s way of life will be very similar and shown on the screen. This will be a music movie that no one has ever seen.

Jin Akanishi and Maki Nishiyama caught on a date?

This week’s issue of FRIDAY magazine reports that KAT-TUN’s member Jin Akanishi recently went on a driving date with model Maki Nishiyama. Earlier this month, Akanishi picked up Nishiyama at her apartment in a minivan, and a reporter was able to capture the pair on camera as they drove off.

bout a month ago, FRIDAY reported that Akanishi had dinner at a steakhouse with a “model-like beauty,” not realizing at the time that it was Nishiyama. The two may have developed a relationship after Nishiyama appeared on “Cartoon KAT-TUN” last year (Ep 21 ~ 2008/08/22)

Akanishi’s management at Johnny Jimusho stated that the two are just friends, while Nishiyama’s agency declined to comment.

Nishiyama later wrote on her blog, amused that she had been described as only “model-like” even though she is an actual model. She acknowledged that she had been spotted with Akanishi, but she emphasized that the two are good friends and are not dating.

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