Junno ~ KAT-TUN Manual Vol.32

Junno ~ KAT-TUN Manual Vol.32

It is kind of cold outside, so I don’t feel to get up early in the morning.
This is Taguchi.

Not so long, I just went to the temple.
I just have the fun feeling like “let’s try some fortune telling”.
It took me about 10 minutes for me to start doing what I thought though.
So…I walked into the temple.
There were lots of people there, in the temple area.
It was quite noisy and busy there out there.
Becuase it was already at night, I went to the main building.
I also bought snack along my way.
It was fun.

I reached the main building of the temple,…
After praying by tossing some coins, beside there was a place to do fortune telling.
“Well, it must be nice if I can get the lucky one.”, I thought.
So I did try it with excitement.
I got fortune no. 319.
I opened it and guess what…


I thought it was not,
but when i read it, it was really BAD LUCK one.
Nothing good is written there.
So, I tied the fortune telling paper with the tree, in hope that my fortune will change.
But well, if I do get the lucky one, it is not always good.
I mean, it will depend on ourselves anyway.
We could change our fate from bad to good anyway.

After that, I took a walk around there.
There were some old alcohol where we could sit and chill all the way, the open door ones (smile).
It was fun to sit and chat with lots of people there.
They said the environment was like this for more than 10 years, and it have never been changed.
I thought “It is good to not change and keep being like this.”
Well, have you ever thought something like this, “This is the place I will never give to anyone.”.
or something like “I wanna be right here forever.”??

As for myself, my job has to change all the time.
There was a pressure sometime.
“Will I ever be myself?”, I thought sometime.

“Be yourself!”
It is not clear and hard to do.
But, in the situation like this for me, it means “keep laughing and having fun~”
I will be like this in front of everyone.
This entry is too long, but thank you for keep readind to the end.

Credit: KEN’s Board


[Translation] Popolo 2008/12 Taguchi Junnosuke

Taguchi Junnosuke
“I feel that if you overcome distress, you’ll be able to grow.”

-Sad Love

I used to admire those bittersweet loves when I was a middle or high school student but now I want to try a dramatic passion like those shown on Korean Doramas. “The both of us will overcome suffering together” kind of feeling. Experiencing that kind of love, I have the feeling will make us both grow up.
Recently, I cried watching the digest version of “Fuyu no Sonata” (Winter Sonata). Wanting to see the one you love but not being able to see him/her is often shown in doramas but it’s still very painful. Lately, people feel lonely if they don’t have someone to love but that’s not my case. Whether there is or isn’t someone, I try to have fun by myself. I would rather be in love because there are emotions shared but as well as you have enjoyableness you also have hardships which can become many.

-Not wanting to be sad

However, if I can’t meet her or talk to her I am not the type who gets jealous because I want to believe in the person I love. I, myself, am not a person who gets angry so I won’t fight either. If something happens I think the best is to talk things out. I don’t usually have discords with the person I like when I am in love.
That’s why, even though I cry watching Korean doramas, if such distress were to happen in reality and my partner was sad, my ideal love would be one without sadness. In my opinion, number one happiness is to be ordinarily together.

Taguchi, Komine caught by Friday




This week’s issue of FRIDAY further cemented rumors of a relationship between KAT-TUN’s Junnosuke Taguchi and actress Rena Komine. The magazine published photos of the couple leaving a yakitori restaurant, shopping hand-in-hand at a supermarket, and getting close in the back of a taxi.

Taguchi’s management still denies the relationship, however.

[J-web] Junno ~ KAT-TUN Manual Vol.31

Junno ~ KAT-TUN Manual Vol.31  

(He played with words again.
This time AMAGUCHI = sweet, and KARAGUCHI = spicy)



Season starts to change now.
The weather is very nice today.
What am I doing for the nice break like this?
I am playing billiards.
Well,…it is nothing related to the weather at all, huh?
There are about 50 of us in this billiards tournament.
Yonehana-kun (MA) also joins the tournamnet.

I still have time before my turn,
so I will just keep writing this then.
It is 11AM right now.
I am going for the first game now.

Well, it is 11:47AM.
I lost though.
Next will be the game for those who lost before.
I have to try my best.

It is 12:25PM.
The game for those who lost in the first round,
I finally made it!
However, if I lost again, I will not able to play anymore for this tournament.
I gotta try my best.

he did pretty well.
I wonder what rank he is now.

It is 1:40PM.
The first round went well because the other competitor did not do so well.
I’m waiting for the next round.
Yonehana-kun seems to meet up with the tough competitor,
so I am watching to cheer him.

Right now is 4:00PM.
I had been waiting for so long, but
I finally lost.
So did Yonehana-kun.
We are heading home right now.
It was nice that I got a chance to compete with lots of people on the day with nice weather like this.

Well, what should I do tomorrow then?

Credit: KEN’s Board

Junno has a girlfriend

Well well the one that i read last month about Junno Taguchi is definitely wrong waahh. I realy thought that Junno has no girlfriend in his entire life but I was wrong!!!!! I read a while ago in another blog site that Junno and Komine Rena are dating and according to that blog that Komine Rena is Junno’s alleged girlfriend! I really cant believe it!!! Komine Rena is 5 years older that Junno Taguchi goshness *sigh*. Im a little bit jealous but happy because  Junno findly found someone for him. I wish that this girl will be good to Junno and love him for real not just flirting(im gonna kill her if she’s not serious with her relationship with Junno)  

This is the picture that I got from the blogsite but these pics were old:

And this are some info about them that I read in some blogsite:

“So, last year stuff came out about Taguchi dating Komine Rena and then… poof it was over. But our friends over at Bubka got the scoop on what’s happening with them now. On a certain evening in August, which they say was 2 days after KAT-TUN wrapped things up at The Dome making it the 7th(?), Junno, wearing his hat low to cover his eyes, was spotted going into a famous yakiniku restaurant and running up to the second floor.
A low hat and running. Right, pay no attention to the galloping giant underneath the cap.

A few moments before, it just so happens actress Komine Rena was seen going into the same place, but unlike Junno, she wasn’t wearing any hats or sunglasses or acting in any way to keep herself from being discovered. She was with some dude carrying a skateboard. I don’t know why that’s important but that’s what it said.

Turns out Junno, Komine, Sk8er Boi, and a middle-aged man and woman were there having a little get together. They enjoyed a meal and it was all nice and happy. After a couple hours the party broke up. Junno, Komine, and Sk8er Boi drove off together.

After the two got Friday’d last September, Junno and Komine broke up but have kept in contact and now it looks like they’re back together. But wait, there’s more. Right after this dinner party, Junno and Komine travelled to some island together where they were seen by someone who later wrote about the sighting in their blog at mixi: “There were some celebs sitting over by the hotel’s bbq – actress Komine Rena and Taguchi Junnosuke of KAT-TUN. They were kissing and acting very lovey dovey.” -from Uwasako