{J-WEB} Jin – KAT-TUN Manual Vol. 32

Jin – KAT-TUN Manual Vol. 32

It’s a day early, but
happy halloween

How does everyone spend Halloween

This is Akanishi.

It’s exciting to think about what costume I’ll wear this year. -o-

Those who go to parties or celebrate, please enjoy yourselves.

Ah, I’m going to be in a movie. -o-

I think there are people who already know, but definitely check it out.

Well then, today, I’ll stop here.
I have to go back to work. ciao


[J-web] Nakamaru ~ KAT-TUN Manual Vol.31

Nakamaru ~ KAT-TUN Manual Vol.31

To all J-web readers,
with love from my heart…

This is me,
Nakamaru Yuichi

I am having hamburger for lunch right now.
I seem to have lots of hamburger these days.

“Section of Nakamaru” is almost 300 now.
I am thinking about doing anything about this.
Have you got any good plan?

Let’s check later what plan will be then.

It is getting colder and colder at night.
Please take care of yourself.

So long~

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[J-web] Kame ~ KAT-TUN Manual Vol.32

*。・*゜*・。。・*゜ MANUAL.32 *・。。・*゜*・。*゜

How are you?



I have tried lots of new things.
I have tried something challenged and never done before.
Lots of adenaline came out and I am pretty excited (smile).
From now on, I felt that trying something new is pretty important.
Everyone, please enjoy your life.

Report from where things happened.
By Kazuya…

Credit: KEN’s Board

[J-web] Ueda ~ KAT-TUN Manual Vol.31

Ueda ~ KAT-TUN Manual Vol.31

*。・*゜*・。。・*゜ MANUAL.31 *・。。・*゜*・。*゜

To all the fans who came to my solo concert,

I am so happy (´∀`)

Since then, my heart grows up more and more.
I put the picture I took with the MousPeace members on my mobile, and keep looking it,
and also the color paper everyone wrote for me.

From now on, this picture is the beginning of out hard working.
They are the greatest members.
When we were together, we laughed all the time.
And we were afraid of nothing.
MousePeace Team Work.

Wish I could work with the good team members like this again.
Wish I would grow up more.

I am having a new dream.

And also for my birthday, thanks for everything

Love (>З<)


Talking about my birthday,

I listened to [ヤンキー片思い中],
while I was climbing the mountain.
We were so tired from running and having fun.

But well,
everyone was funny as well.
We planned nothing,
and then we just came up with this.

Everyone was wearing very expensive shoes, such as boots.
No one wore snekers at all.
I was bare feet though.
I will prepare well next time.

Then when I arrived home,
it was from Taguchi…
Thanks~ ゞ(。´Д`゜)ノシ

And the last,
for those who came to watch my show at Odaiba,

Thank you so much.


Koki ~ KAT-TUN Manual Vol.31

Koki ~ KAT-TUN Manual Vol.31 

This is Tanaka from countryside.
I am in trouble right now…
’cause I have nothing to write about.
Hey! I do have one.
I went to Ueda’s solo concert.


Just a second.
The lucky people today is those with blood group B.
That’s nice.

What’s else?
Oh, yes.
Ueda was so cool.
He was really an entertainer.
Dam it!
It was so much fun.
I like Ueda’s songs.

Kame-chan hasn’t answer my e-mail yet.
so shock.
When we meet later, I am sure he will ask “is that Koki’s e-mail?”.
Can’t you just record my number in your mobile?

I have got nothing about myself to write here?
’cause I haven’t done anything yet.

Oh, I went out for Hamburger with my younger brothers.
These kids seem to behave nice these days.
When I was as young as them, I have never said “Thanks for the treat, it is very delicious”.

And I helped my Dad’s friend moving.

And I like Rock songs these days.
I also listen to the old rock songs.
I really like Sid Vicious.

The more I know, the more I like.
I really wanna be like Sid Vicious.
I want to sing more rock songs.

And I also went to Taguchi’s, Yokohama’s, Kamisato’s and Kusano’s houses.

Right now…I am looking at Rice with Pork.
I am thinking about having it.
I am eating now.

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[J-web] Junno ~ KAT-TUN Manual Vol.31

Junno ~ KAT-TUN Manual Vol.31  

(He played with words again.
This time AMAGUCHI = sweet, and KARAGUCHI = spicy)



Season starts to change now.
The weather is very nice today.
What am I doing for the nice break like this?
I am playing billiards.
Well,…it is nothing related to the weather at all, huh?
There are about 50 of us in this billiards tournament.
Yonehana-kun (MA) also joins the tournamnet.

I still have time before my turn,
so I will just keep writing this then.
It is 11AM right now.
I am going for the first game now.

Well, it is 11:47AM.
I lost though.
Next will be the game for those who lost before.
I have to try my best.

It is 12:25PM.
The game for those who lost in the first round,
I finally made it!
However, if I lost again, I will not able to play anymore for this tournament.
I gotta try my best.

he did pretty well.
I wonder what rank he is now.

It is 1:40PM.
The first round went well because the other competitor did not do so well.
I’m waiting for the next round.
Yonehana-kun seems to meet up with the tough competitor,
so I am watching to cheer him.

Right now is 4:00PM.
I had been waiting for so long, but
I finally lost.
So did Yonehana-kun.
We are heading home right now.
It was nice that I got a chance to compete with lots of people on the day with nice weather like this.

Well, what should I do tomorrow then?

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[J-web] Jin ~ KAT-TUN Manual Vol.31

Jin ~ KAT-TUN Manual Vol.31 

Hello, everyone.


The summer is ending soon.
I didn’t realise until now.
feel so sad, huh?

Someone I know said, “There are lots of people become sick when season changes. Thefore, take care of yourself.”
So, I though that if i am very careful, I won’t get a summer fever for sure.
I feel so thankful that someone worry about this for me, but…
I did finally get a fever.
Everyone, please take care of yourself (smile).

I wish everyone having a nice day and have a good health.

Credit: KEN’s Board