New Drama for Koki

KAT-TUN’s Tanaka, new Shigotonin! 24 on screen

This 24 was broadcasted on Asahi TV that KAT-TUN’s Tanaka Koki (Kouki = 23) was decided to gain the role of the new shigotonin at Hissatsu Shigotonin 2009 since Friday 9:00PM

To carry out the heroical death of the Device shop’s Genta (Ohkura Tadayoshi from Kanjani8) as his successor his official title is Dressmaking Shop’s REN, his killing techniques are strong, and he killed a bad guy cutting his neck with an abominable red string.

His sempais from Johnny’s Jimusho who are also starring the drama, Shounentai’s Higashiyama Noriyuki and TOKIO’s Matsuoka Masahiro were at the interview at Kyoto’s Shouchiku Kyoto Film Studio. “Tanaka –  he said – He seems the kind of guy with a rebellious heart, similar to myself. I want to make him feel at ease .”

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More on Koki

As previously mentioned, A-san (who supposedly looks like Oshikiri Moe) was brought along by a friend. She said she wasn’t really a fan of his but it sounded fun so she decided to go. They arrived at Koki’s place around 2 or 3am. Koki played bartender and made her a drink; one of his own creations. At the time Koki’s drama Tokkyu Tanaka San Go was airing so they chit chatted about that. A-san said to him, “‘I watched your drama. Congrats on getting the lead.’ He said thanks and ‘I’ve been getting into trains lately.’ He seemed very happy. Then I asked, ‘KAT-TUN members don’t getting along very well, do they?’ and he admitted, ‘To be honest we really don’t.’ As we talked he was smoking a sweet smelling cigarette.” Yadda yadda yadda the other four leave and Koki and A-san are alone. The sex itself wasn’t very long (o rly?), but it seems there was a lot of make Koki feel good time. He had her give him a bj and he was impressed by her prowess. She got on top of him and Koki was like, “fuck, you’re hot.” He asked her about using a condom and she was the one who was said she didn’t want to. So points for Koki asking I guess. Still didn’t use one. Blah blah blah booty calls, 2 months, 4 times, and so on and so forth. A-san said she’s scared to tell guys for fear of rejection. So not a word was said to Koki and never did he notice. Or! perhaps he did and was embarrassed but the sex was too good to let his macho pride stand in the way (it felt so wrong… it felt so right…) so he let it slide only to feign ignorance if the topic ever came up. Just a thought. The mag claims to have gone to Koki’s placed and asked him (through the intercom) about A-san but of course he knew nothing. The jimusho gave no response. credits to uwasako@lj

Tanaka Koki: Master of the Booty Call

This one comes from Shukan Bunshun. A certain “A-san” (of course), recounts her night with Tanaka Koki.

June 8th. A-san’s friend brought her along to a drinking party at Koki’s house. Everyone was evenly matched: 3 guys, 3 girls.

“The other girls were talking to the other guys so I was with Koki. We went into his bedroom. He had a lot of leather jackets in his closet so I put one on. Then I got on his bed and made myself comfortable. Koki didn’t seem to mind. He wasn’t like a typical celeb; he was very laid back.”
Yes, well she’s pretty much saying “do me,” so being friendly was probably a good way to go.

Koki and A-san were ready to get down to business. But then there were those other people… “At first the other four said ‘We’re leaving,’ but they wanted to talk to Koki so they were all, ‘Maybe we should stay…’ but Koki was like, ‘That’s okay.'”

Anyway, they’re finally alone sitting on his bed talking. “He squeezed my hand then put his arms around me and kissed me. He leaned over me and felt my breasts. When I resisted a little bit he asked, ‘You don’t like it?’ I told him I was fine and right away he started taking off my clothes.”

Apparently there’s more in the article but it was omitted so you’ll have to use your imaginations. They did throw in this detail though: she asked Koki if he was going to use a condom but he was not down for that. he asked her about using a condom but she wasn’t down for that.
Bad form.

They did a post-coital exchange of phone numbers ’cause Koki was all let’s do this again sometime and whaddayaknow, he meant it. He called her about a week later.

“I was actually surprised because I didn’t think he’d really call. He asked me, ‘You free? Come over and have some drinks with me.’ I was so happy. Like we did the the first time, we drank, had sex, then I went home soon after. From that point on he’d call pretty often asking me to come by. Over the course of about 2 months I’d go to Koki’s place and we’d have sex 4 times. We didn’t have any problems but after that he stopped calling. I guess he found a new girl.”

Little did Koki know, years before he met her A-san was a guy. He underwent a sex change operation and had been living as female ever since. “I didn’t tell Koki about it so he probably never even noticed.”

credits to uwasako@lj

AKANISHI JIN and KOKI TANAKA being suspect in using drug? o.0

it stated that jin was suspected to be involve in keeping drug as the police
found 0.7g of drug in a tennis player and 22yr old ex AV girlfriend’s apartment last wednesday and the tennis player admit that he sniff the drug every night.

jin, pi, ryo, yu and the tennis player like to hang around in one of the bar in tokyo every night and even form a group call “AKANISHI group”, so they had a very good relationship.

now, the tennis player and the AV girlfriend’s friends are listed in the suspect list of having drugs. This made akanishi jin more suspicious. Even Koki who has dated the ex AV girl
is also in the suspect list.

[Translation] Popolo 2008/12 Tanaka Koki

Tanaka Koki
“An unrequited love is not a mistake but a textbook connected to the future.”

-I won’t show my tears

Of course I have also shed tears about love. Because boys are strong in the physical matters the weak part of emotions will surely wait. That said, maybe girls are stronger in that aspect.
However, I won’t ever cry in front of people. If there’s someone around, because of my poor condition, I’ll rush into the toilet. But if I am in a room alone, then I’ll definitely cry.

-Confessions of a past honorable defeat.

When you are in an unrequited love you really get a complicated state of mind. But I think it’s not good if I, as a man, am not able to attack. So I go forward even if towards an honorable defeat and with a past behind. If there are any obstacles in the way I’ll be like reborn with the power to overcome them. It’s definitely better to confess instead of regretting the fact I wasn’t able to do it. I’ve intended on doing it 3 times, creating a powerful memory while saying “I’ll absolutely make you love me”.
If love comes to be worn out, that’s hard. However when that’s the result of having devoted yourself with full power to the other, I can say with confidence that there’s nothing else to do but get over it. Yet, even if love got worn out that is not a mistake. Not overcoming a past heartbreak will bring you only sad love. For life in the future, the past is like a textbook. I think while you don’t lose to past loves, better passions will happen in your life.

Koki ~ KAT-TUN Manual Vol.31

Koki ~ KAT-TUN Manual Vol.31 

This is Tanaka from countryside.
I am in trouble right now…
’cause I have nothing to write about.
Hey! I do have one.
I went to Ueda’s solo concert.


Just a second.
The lucky people today is those with blood group B.
That’s nice.

What’s else?
Oh, yes.
Ueda was so cool.
He was really an entertainer.
Dam it!
It was so much fun.
I like Ueda’s songs.

Kame-chan hasn’t answer my e-mail yet.
so shock.
When we meet later, I am sure he will ask “is that Koki’s e-mail?”.
Can’t you just record my number in your mobile?

I have got nothing about myself to write here?
’cause I haven’t done anything yet.

Oh, I went out for Hamburger with my younger brothers.
These kids seem to behave nice these days.
When I was as young as them, I have never said “Thanks for the treat, it is very delicious”.

And I helped my Dad’s friend moving.

And I like Rock songs these days.
I also listen to the old rock songs.
I really like Sid Vicious.

The more I know, the more I like.
I really wanna be like Sid Vicious.
I want to sing more rock songs.

And I also went to Taguchi’s, Yokohama’s, Kamisato’s and Kusano’s houses.

Right now…I am looking at Rice with Pork.
I am thinking about having it.
I am eating now.

Credit: KEN’s Board