Ueda Tatsuya on a date with Kobayashi Ryoko?

Ueda Tatsuya, member of japanese idol group KAT-TUN, was spotted going on a date with Kobayashi Ryoko by the latest edition of the magazine FRIDAY. Kobayashi Ryoko is a member of the cast in Kamenashi Kazuya’s latest drama “Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge”.

The report states that both of them have met during the stageplay “Romeo & Juliet” last spring, and ended up really falling in love with each other.

The couple even held each other’s hands during interviews, and at that time the media have been in doubt about their relationship already. Not surprised, their relationship is growing steadily these days.

Funny enough, some fangirls of Ueda commented online that they’re relieved that Ueda actually likes girls etc etc since there’s been a mystery about his sexual orientation due to Ueda’s neutral image.

Original source: Yahoo HK


Konkatsu’s Rating

Viewership numbers for television dramas have been dropping across the board in recent years, but on Thursday they hit a new low for Fuji TV when the ratings for “Konkatsu!” were revealed.

Eita, dipped as low as 10.2% in its 9th episode. However, no “Getsu 9” series has fallen to single digits before now.

“Konkatsu!” started out at 16.3% for its premiere but dropped sharply to 11.2% for the second episode. Part of the decline may have resulted from the recent arrest of fellow SMAP member Tsuyoshi Kusanagi. The group’s show “SMAP x SMAP” (which goes on the air right after the “Getsu 9” time slot) also saw a significant drop last week after the arrest, and this past Monday it fell further to 11.2%, its worst ratings so far this year.
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At last Ueda has a drama!!!

SMAP’s Nakai Masahiro as lead, Ueto Aya, Sato Ryuta, and others appearing in the drama [Konkatsu!] (Fuji Terebi), this is KAT-TUN’s Ueda Tatsuya’s first appearance in a drama.* The setting is with Ueda playing as Nakai’s younger brother, a beauty artist** and a youthful man who dreams of independence and works towards it.

[Translation] Popolo 2008/12 Ueda Tatsuya

Ueda Tatsuya
“Even if you break up, memories won’t ever be cut apart.”

-Cool Love

For me, a sentimental love has no edge. I don’t have experience of the drama of being harshly dumped or of the sadness of an unreturned love… Maybe I face love with a cool attitude. I don’t think I am the type who gets really close with the partner or who is totally taken by love. Thus, I don’t know whether I’ll cry or not due to love.
Furthermore, instead of the type who cooks for oneself I fall majorly for the opposite. Then, when we date, the cost of all won’t become too high.*

-Goodbye tears

But, nevertheless, it’s not like I don’t have any really sad memory of a love. Well, however that’s a secret.
For example if I like someone in the future and the time when have to accept a break up comes, I think I’ll definitely be sad. To be rejected, even if I am the one rejecting there will be the so called “Farewell Tears.” Because the love feelings I have for the person who became my beloved one died, that doesn’t mean memories will be completely disconnected. Sentiments or the recollections we had so far are still there, right?
When the “break-up talk” comes about and we see the other person’s tears, I find that difficult.
But well, if it’s possible, next time, I don’t want to hurt the other.

[J-web] Ueda ~ KAT-TUN Manual Vol.31

Ueda ~ KAT-TUN Manual Vol.31

*。・*゜*・。。・*゜ MANUAL.31 *・。。・*゜*・。*゜

To all the fans who came to my solo concert,

I am so happy (´∀`)

Since then, my heart grows up more and more.
I put the picture I took with the MousPeace members on my mobile, and keep looking it,
and also the color paper everyone wrote for me.

From now on, this picture is the beginning of out hard working.
They are the greatest members.
When we were together, we laughed all the time.
And we were afraid of nothing.
MousePeace Team Work.

Wish I could work with the good team members like this again.
Wish I would grow up more.

I am having a new dream.

And also for my birthday, thanks for everything

Love (>З<)


Talking about my birthday,

I listened to [ヤンキー片思い中],
while I was climbing the mountain.
We were so tired from running and having fun.

But well,
everyone was funny as well.
We planned nothing,
and then we just came up with this.

Everyone was wearing very expensive shoes, such as boots.
No one wore snekers at all.
I was bare feet though.
I will prepare well next time.

Then when I arrived home,
it was from Taguchi…
Thanks~ ゞ(。´Д`゜)ノシ

And the last,
for those who came to watch my show at Odaiba,

Thank you so much.


Logo of Ueda’s Concert



This is the logo of the concert of Ueda  hihi

So kawaii

I wonder why Ueda chose the mouse as the logo