At last Ueda has a drama!!!

SMAP’s Nakai Masahiro as lead, Ueto Aya, Sato Ryuta, and others appearing in the drama [Konkatsu!] (Fuji Terebi), this is KAT-TUN’s Ueda Tatsuya’s first appearance in a drama.* The setting is with Ueda playing as Nakai’s younger brother, a beauty artist** and a youthful man who dreams of independence and works towards it.

4th Album of Kat-Tun(Untitled)

♪ KAT-TUN (Untitled) (4th Album) [Limited Edition]
Catalog No.: JACA-5142
Release Date: 2009.04.29
Price: 3048 yen US$31/97.19
Description: Fourth album release from KAT-TUN including the songs “Don’t U Ever Stop,” “White X’mas (album version),” “One Drop,” “Rescue,” and more for 15 songs total. Limited edition includes special booklet.
Buy at: CDJapan

♪ KAT-TUN (Untitled) (4th Album) [Regular Edition]
Catalog No.: JACA-5143
Release Date: 2009.04.29
Price: 2857 yen US$29/97.19
Description: Description:Fourth album release from KAT-TUN including the songs “Don’t U Ever Stop,” “White X’mas (album version),” “One Drop,” “Rescue,” and more for 15 songs total. Regular edition includes 1 bonus track.
Buy at: CDJapan

RESCUE Debuted At #1 On MTV China’s Weekly Top 5 J Chart :D & Taiwan Press Of RESCUE’s Out Today

ONE DROP has left MTV China’s Weekly Top J Chart this week & instead RESCUE has gate crashed straight to the top , knocking last week’s #1 which was TOHOSHINKI’s Survivor .

2) TOHOSHINKI – Survivor
3) ARASHI – Believe
4) ayumi hamasaki – Rule
5) Namie Amuro – WILD


Taiwan press of RESCUE is officially out today for all 3 editions & if you want to order it , you can do so via HMV HK .

CD Only –

1st Press CD Only –

CD + DVD –

credits to minlilin

KAT-TUN Extends, 10 Days at the Tokyo Dome

It was announced yesterday Thursday 26 by the JE Jimusho that DOMUCON Concerts had been expanded to 8 days, plus another two other dates added in June and another couple in Osaka in May.

KAT-TUN has just added six more dates to their upcoming concerts this spring. In January, they announced that they would be performing for a record 7 consecutive days at the Tokyo Dome, but with the extra concerts, they have now upped that number to 8.

Approximately 385,000 tickets were available for the original 7 concerts on May 15-21, but there were reportedly about 850,000 requests for tickets during the pre-order period alone. In response, Johnny’s Jimusho has scheduled three additional shows at Tokyo Dome and three at Osaka Dome.

KAT-TUN will now be performing at Tokyo Dome for eight days in a row on May 15-22. They will then travel to Osaka for three concerts on May 29-31, before returning to Tokyo Dome on June 14-15. Together, the 13 concerts will gather an audience of roughly 685,000 fans.


Samurai KAT-TUN appear! 8 days consecutive performance

It was announced this 26th from the Johnny’s Jimusho that the group of six members, KAT-TUN, who were to do a 1-week consecutive performance at the Tokyo Dome on May, were added to a total of 8 consecutive days of performance. At the Johnny’s Jimusho there was an ‘update’ of the record of continuity of performances.

The arrangements for the continued performances from 5/15 to 5/21 are going first, but, as when reached the first deadline the status was ‘sold out’, right after that they added the 22nd hurriedly. Furthermore, it was settled that on the 6/14-15 they’ll perform at the same place, and from 5/29~31 at the Kyocera Dome Osaka.

Because of the total of 13 performances, the expenses are over 20 hundred million yen. For the Tokyo Dome performance, they’re making of about 10 thousand of posters etc. Just for advertising, it’s estimated an inversion of no less than 100 million yen.

Kamenashi Kazuya (23) commented [It can’t be more amazing. Let’s ENJOY it completely!!]. As Kamenashi Kazuya who likes baseball is friend of pitcher Matsuzaka Daisuke and Akinori Iwamura, Japan’s WBC selection’s players, it was said that there were plans of him producing the uniform of the WBC.


Taguchi Junnosuke (23) commented [If you come to see, you’ll fall in KAT-TUN’s charm]


Other Source:

Tanaka Koki (23) sweared [ Absolutely, without exception every person will enjoy it!!]

New Dates:


5/15(Fr) 18:30

5/16(St) 18:30

5/17(Sd) 18:30

5/18(M) 18:30

5/19(Tu) 18:30

5/20(W) 18:30

5/21(Th) 18:30

5/22(FR) 18:30


6/14(Sd) 18:30

6/15(M) 18:30


5/29(Fr) 18:30

5/30(St) 18:30

5/31(Sd) 16:00

Kat-tun in top 10 best singles in the world

Look at this, our dear lovely group is 7th! It’s in a French site
This is the link: Click there

Omedettou KAT-TUN!!!!

I’m so happy for you guys!!!!

Keep up the good work!!!!

I hope that our lovely boys will be known globally!!!!

Blog Entry KAT-TUN, Consecutive #1s from their 1st single to their 10th

Popular group KAT-TUN’s 10th Single 「RESCUE」 sold 323k on the first week and got #1 on the 3/23 single ranking. Since their debut release 「Real Face」 in March 2006, this is their 10th consecutive #1. They are now tied with their senpai NEWS for 2nd for the most consecutive #1 singles from debut (Kinki Kids is #1 with 28).

Second is actor Kamiji Yusuke debuting solo in the name “Yusuke” with 「ひまわり(Himawari)」, third is Tohoshinki’s 「Survivor ~090325 4th Album“The Secret Code”Pre-Release Single~【初回限定生産】」 {wow, what a long official title…}, 4th is GReeeeN’s 「刹那(Setsuna)」, and with 5th being Arashi/Yano Kenta starring Satoshi Ohno 「Believe/曇りのち、快晴 (Kumorinochi, Kaisei)」, the top 5 was dominated by male artists.

On the other side, for the album rankings, Remioromen’s first best album 「レミオベスト (Remio Best)」 that was released on the 9th got #1 with 281k. It has been 2 years and 10 months since they got #1 with 「HORIZON」, which was released on May 2006, and this became their 2nd #1. Second is RADWIMPS’s new album 「アルトコロニーの定理 (Altocolony no Teiri)」, with which they passed 200k for the first time (231k). Utada’s 2nd album 「This Is The One」 started selling in shops since the 13th, in the 3 days it became #3 selling 78k.

Oricon article here

Exact number sold: 322,597

Ranking for 12th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix – Winter 2008/09

Congratulations to Kame and Nakamaru for their drama in top 5  and I want to congratulate again Kame for winning the best actor award and for his drama kami no shizuku for being no 1

Best Drama

1) Kami no Shizuku – 4376 votes
2) Uta no Oniisan – 3950
3) Zeni Geba – 1207
4) RESCUE – 876
5) Voice – 864

Best Actor

1) Kamenashi Kazuya (Kami no Shizuku) – 4637
2) Ohno Satoshi (Uta no Oniisan) – 4154
3) Matsuyama Kenichi (Zeni Geba) – 1387
4) Hiro Mizushima (Mei-chan no Shitsuji)- 625
5) Nakamaru Yuuichi (RESCUE) – 554

Best Actress

1) Kanno Miho (Kiina) – 5136
2) Eikura Nana (Mei-chan no Shitsuji) – 2330
3) Nakama Yukie (Arifureta Kiseki) – 2012
4) Minamisawa Nao (Akai Ito) – 880
5) Izumi Pinko (Wataru Seken wa Oni Bakari) – 805

Best Supporting Actor

1) Tanabe Seiichi (Kami no Shizuku) – 2104
2) Maruyama Ryuuhei (Uta no Onii-san) – 1891
3) Ikuta Toma (Voice) – 1782
4) Masuda Takahisa (RESCUE) – 870
5) Sato Takeru (Mei-chan no Shitsuji) – 844

Best Supporting Actress

1) Naka Riisa (Kami no Shizuku) – 2310
2) Katase Nana (Uta no Oniisan) – 2007
3) Kimura Yoshino (Uta no Oniisan) – 1464
4) Mimura (Zeni Geba) – 919
5) Ishihara Satomi (Voice) – 773